09 July 2009

Thursday in the Office!

So what's happening today? Well, we are currently reviewing some of our product lines. Katie [Product Development Manager] has been hard at work looking at how we can expand on our existing range of mascara - we need one for every type of alter ego!

What other sorts of mascara would you like to see Illamasqua create?
For those of you that have tried/ own the Volume Mascara, what are your views?
Do you prefer lengthened, curled, thick or clumpy lashes?
What is the best type of mascara wand, in your opinion?

We would love to hear your feedback. I will keep you updated with all the developmental stages of this project so you can have an insight into how a mascara is born!

* Thanks to PJ for the image! *


  1. My thoughts on the volume mascara can be found http://blog.automaticjacket.com/blog5.php/2009/06/28/illamasqua-volume-mascara

    I really like the brush. I enjoy long, full, curled, very black lashes particularly. I dislike really huge mascara brushes as I find them unwieldy. Clumpy mascara is just yucky to me.

  2. Personally, I feel that you need a super thickening one, such as the YSL Faux Cils. That is my absolute go to, thickening and lengthening!

  3. The mascara is the one product i dont like to much from Illamasqua. I find it hard to coat my lashes. It does deposit a good amount of color though.. just not enough product.

    I like more even brushes where you feel the brushes get in between your lashes not just pass over them.

    As for formula.. creamy ones are the best as you have more control with layering. Watery mascara is the worst!

    For ref. the mascara I have used for 7 years now is Lancome Hypnose. I try other brands but always end up using my loyal hypnose. x

  4. i would really love for you to do a amassive brush like really big one to fan out fake eyelashes or long lashes i have long lashes but when i used plush lash by mac the just go to curled up, i want my eyelashes to come out and fan like but i can find a mascara to do that its just curly! thanks :D

  5. a light one that holds curl would be amazing (along with length and a bit of volume of course). I'm asian and my eyelashes are really straight and they never stay curled! once i put mascara on they're poker straight again.

    So something like that would be really helpful to all the asians out there!

  6. I know both my Alter Ego and I enjoy long lashes - volume not-so-much unless it is done super well with no clumps and still a bit of length.

    Fibrous lengthening mascara gives me the creeps, though, when it starts looking like I haven't washed it off in ages and just keep applying more and more and more!

    I like skinnier wands. Fat ones always end up bumping into my eyelid and screwing up my liner. :)



  7. I think people want it all, to lengthen,curl and add thickness. A slightly curved fine bristle brush usually seems to do well, like Armani starlash and Fresh firebird mascara.
    I also think people are liking using different colours some days like jade and plum

  8. Hello, I am from the US and completely intrigued by this brand! I can't wait until it arrives at Sephora. What i look for in a mascara is lengthening + thickening, which can be hard to find in one mascara... the formulas I really like are Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Eyeko, and Diorshow Blackout. I tend to prefer thick mascaras that don't dry out fast, and have a rich black color. Hope that helps!

  9. personally, i would like to see one that curls more and one that gives really THICK DARK lashes. Something really dramatic! grrrrrrrr

  10. I'd love to see a wider range of colours in your mascaras, including some very daring colours, such as bright pink, electric blue and orange. Maybe even some metallic colours!

    Amy x

  11. Volume curl and lenghth in that order lol! I don't own the mascara from the brand (yet!), but I definitely agree the range needs to be expanded. I basically like mascara that makes my eyelashes look false but not clumpy...

  12. Clumps are an absolute nono. It's all about getting a great wand with the right amount of fibres and making sure the formula isn't too thin (like Mac Dazzlelash) and especially not too thick (like Dior Backstage).

    I haven't had a chance to try the Illamasqua Volume mascara, but that is on my list next. I always use a mascara that lengthens and follow it by one that gives volume.

    However, when using false lashes, I prefer using a mascara that separates each lash.

  13. I have short, stick straight Asian lashes. My favorite mascara is the covergirl waterproof lashblast formula because it holds my curl while lengthening and volumizing my lashes. The one drawback is that the brush is terrible! It is big and difficult to work with. I would love to see a waterproof, lengthening and volumizing mascara with a smaller brush. Like L'oreal telescopic or Rimmel's sexy curves to reach the smaller corner lashes.

  14. Thanks for your thoughts everyone - we take all feedback seriously and shall keep you updated on developments! We have a supplier in next week to discuss mascara wands - will keep you all updated, of course!

  15. i'm in love with mascaras, my favourite everwas Dior Maximieyez though it had a slight dry texture.. since it had been discontinued it i'm on a permanent hunt to find something similar.. i hardly can name a brand that i didn't try.. i love mascaras that are giving the serious false lashes effect. and somehow for me those brushes with the square type of shape are performing soo much better than regular brushes. as i have deep set eyes i love when a mascara is opening up my eyes, giving the doll look.. and if it could be in waterproof version as well, that would be the perfect for every season..


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