30 July 2009

Impulse Swatch!

Influenced by the changing weather [ie monsoon followed by blinding sunshine] I considered how my make-up this morning [bright lip, peachy blush and dewy skin] suddenly didn't seem to fit when it began to rain [for some reason, I always wear more make-up when it's miserable outside and then just seal it all with Sealing Gel...]

So I roped Lucy into helping me pick out some blushers that are great for sunny weather and some blushers that are perfect for the more overcast days...


I love Cream Blushers for warmer weather as they reflect light beautifully and give a lovely dewy sheen to the skin. I cannot live without Cream Blusher in 'Rude' [see below] which is a warm apricot/ pink. If you do not own this blush and are of similar colouring to me - you must! Sorry about the product photo, too - you can see this is a favourite at HO!

Here is Lucy modelling her favourite blusher for when the sun has got his hat on - Cream Blusher in 'Sob'. This is a light but bright blue pink that turns almost mauve when used with a light touch.


I tend to stick with matt Powder Blushers when the weather takes a turn for the worse as I like to add shimmer of sparkle to my eyes or lips. I really like the effect of Powder Blusher in 'Beg'. Sehpora.com describes this as a 'muted warm rose'- love that description! It warms up pale/ medium complexions really nicely. I have used it quite sparingly below - you can see how warm it can get in the product picture below, although in reality it actually looks slightly duskier.

Lucy looks great with a bit of sculpting with Powder Blusher in 'Create' - it gives a lovely matt beige contour and if, like me, you do not like bronzers with any hint of shimmer or sparkle, then you could give this a try...

For a flash of unexpected colour, try Powder Blusher in 'Sin'. This is a deep violet shade but can be blended out to a mauve/ pink finish. I think 'Sin' is one of those unique colours that would work on pretty much every skin colour depending on how it is used!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Alex, you are definitely dangerous for my wallet. Methinks I need a bit of 'Rude' in my life ;)

  2. i love sin, and i really want a peachy blusher which one guys?

  3. I love matte blushes like Create: it's a great substitute for bronzer, and looks ideal for my light complexion.

  4. I ordered Katie powder blush and Promise cream blush the other day (along with Lament nail polish and the pink loose powder whoops!) but now you're reeeally making me want Rude, Sob and Sin as well. Dammit!!!

    x x

  5. "Rude" ist so beautiful! Thanks for the great swatches, ladies!

  6. I'm looking to get "Rude" blush and i'm a little curious: I'm looking for a coral-y color for summer and am from south asian descent (olive-tan), would this color achieve that look? I've seen different pics, ones where the color looks very peachy, others where it looks very pink. Help please!

  7. Thank you! You are so pretty.
    I love the look of Rude, but I've never used the creme blush, because it shifts the foundation and concealer a bit :( Wish I had a great skin like you!!

  8. Oh goodness... what lipstick are you wearing in the picture with Beg blusher? That's so amazing and pretty!! :D

  9. Keep on posting such themes. I like to read stories like this. By the way add some pics :)


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