24 July 2009

The Ultimate Foundation Swatch: Part 1 [Rich Liquid Foundation]

Ever since I can remember, I have received at least five emails a week [more like a five day now] from customers asking me if I can match them up to a Foundation shade - either based on another brands colour or by them telling me something along the lines of "I have pale skin, blue eyes and red hair - any suggestions?" Erm...

So to attempt to eradicate this problem I am going to set up Ultimate Foundation Swatches.

Welcome to part 1!

This is the Rich Liquid Foundation swatch, starring Crispian and myself...

100 105 120

RLF 100

This is the palest shade we produce. Make no mistake - this is white. And because it is a Rich Liquid Foundation, it will take even the darkest skins down to white without any natural skin colour coming through - perfect for a pure, theatrical alabaster look.

RLF 105

This has a slightly pink undertone, but is still very pale. Gorgeous for a Marie Antoinette look if you slightly deeper in skin tone, but this has been matched to a great deal of people who are thrilled with the result - I know there are a lot of you who have been searching for high coverage foundations to match your pale skin and this is the lightest 'skin' colour we do!

RLF 120

This has a pink-based foundation and still very light. For an idea of comparison to other brands, I have been told that Gossmakeupartist will be looking in to this in the near future!

125 135 140

RLF 125

This is a yellow based foundation with an ash undertone.

RLF 135

This is another yellow based foundation and the colour that Alex Box used on me at the Alex Box Masterclass, if you want an idea on how it looks on me [I am a 215 from day to day!]

RLF 140

Another yellow based foundation that is one of our best selling colours.

145 205 210 215
RLF 145

This foundation is another of our best selling colours - in terms of skin tone it is the same as RLF 140 - the difference being that it is pink-based. This is the last of the cooler tones of Rich Liquid Foundation.

RLF 205

The first of the warmer foundation shades, this is another best seller - a yellow based beige.

RLF 210

This is similar in skintone to 205 but it is pink based.

RLF 215

This is my colour - a pink based, slightly warmer version of 210.

Me with 215 on [Satin Primer + SPF20 on first, then Rich Liquid Foundation buffed on top]

230 240

RLF 230

This is another warmer shade with a slightly ash undertone.

RLF 240

This is the last in our warmer shades and is a deep, almost apricot type hue that is suitable for olive skin tones [I am doing it no justice!]

320 325
RLF 320

The first in the darker shades, this is suitable for olive/ asian skin tones. It is yellow based, but looks like a lovely tan shade. Thanks again to Crispian!

RLF 325

This is a very popular skin colour for black men and women who are quite red based and is one of our best selling shades.

330 335

RLF 330

This still has a red base, but not as much as the 325. It is actually Crispian's match [if he ever chose to wear foundation...!] although on his arm it looks quite dark.

RLF 335

This is another, darker colour that is very warm with slightly blue undertones.

340 345

RLF 340

This is a more red based, deep brown shade.

RLF 345

This foundation is arguably the darkest we do of the skin shades and has no hint of red or blue undertones.

Below are the foundation, in the order stated above, on a black glossy background:


The Rich Liquid Foundation has the highest amount of coverage of any foundation I have ever tried. This makes it perfect for HDTV [it's also called in all the time by press for shoots] as well as being popular with theatre make-up artists.

It can, however, be buffed down to create a less high impact look. I like to apply it after Satin Primer + SPF20 during the day with a Foundation Brush and then buff it in after with the Highlighter Brush for a more natural finish.

If you suffer from redness at all, then it really does wonders at covering it up and means that you can add a pink blusher without feeling overly made up.

I do hope this has helped and I welcome feedback. I will try and do a Cream Foundation and a Light Liquid Foundation next week!

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Hope that the last swatches are not made on your hand, too hairy for that I think. Lol :D

  2. Thank you so much for swatches.I ordered the wrong shade lol.

    This was really helpful.

  3. For reference i have ruddy cheeks and dark under eye circles-even on baby pictures.. so i managed to develope a huge frustration about "my problematic" bare faced during the last app. 10 years, since i first started to use the brand i;m a fan of it. i started with the cream foundation but the rich liquid is the HG product for me. The cream foundation is amazing as well, but the coverage is just excellent od RL foundation especially that i love flawless face, and i love the fact that i do not need to build up and it doesn't feel heavy at all. I have in shade 210, and normally i do not use any concealer with it-just lightly dab some more on the crucial points. The coloyrmatch is amazing, and the best bit it doesn't change its colour as many other brands tend to do. i'm so thankful for Illamasqua for understanding the needs of costumers. with the primers the foundations are unbeatable. well worth for all the hype. please do not ever discontinue it:))))

  4. Wow the foundation looks amazing on you! I was expecting it to be quite heavy-looking but it looks lovely buffed out like that with the satin primer underneath. Great post!

    x x

  5. I was just looking the Illamasqua booklet last night, trying to figure out what I would be shade-wise...
    I think I 'd be sth between 120, 145 and 210...? lol! :)

    Foundation is always very hard to pick, especially online, goes for any brand in my opinion...

    This post definitely helped! :)

  6. Gah, still so tough- I definitely think I need to pick up the satin primer though- the makeup looks much more natural on your skin. I purchased the 135 and I fear it's too yellow for me, and maybe even a touch too dark. I had hoped to blend it with the light liquid in 105, but combining the two formulas has an odd effect on the texture- any ideas?

  7. This is very helpful! I ordered mine online & actually just went to see them in person in the new Sephora Times Square...hopefully I got the right shade!!

  8. I got the Rich Liquid Foundation in 135 and I hope I got the right one.

  9. Wow, you look great with that shade! I must say that this blog is a fine read!

  10. Very helpful swatches, but I'm a bit confused, because the swatch of RF240 seems darker than RF320...
    For reference, I'm a medium (tan) girl with stroooonnggg yellow-olive undertones (oh ya, I'm using M.A.C NC37 in winter & NC40 in summer), can you tell me which shade of Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation that will suit me well?? Thanks a lot! :-)


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