03 July 2009

A Swatch Request!

I got an email yesterday from an American customer who was having problems differentiating between certain colours on the website, so I took the liberty of swatching them all below! I've put in a couple of product descriptions too, that I hope help...


Below is 'Halcyon' on the left and 'Odyssey' on the right - Halcyon is a pale gold, beautiful on warm skin tones and Odyssey is a pale silver suitable for cooler skintones. Beautiful swiped over collabones too for a hint of glimmer. I have been asked the difference between our Liquid Metals and Illuminators and the answer is that Illuminators were created for more subtle highlighting and colour. Liquid Metals are more intense and creamier in consistency.

Pure Pigment

On the left is 'Furore' and on the right is 'Tingle'. Yesterday we recieved our first complete sales data from all our counters and the top selling product in Cardiff was Pure Pigment in 'Furore'. This shade is a gorgeous champagne colour that I believe is one of the most versatile and universally flattering colours we have in the entire collection. LOVE! 'Tingle' is a pale cream/ white colour with a silver undertone. Looks lovely on cool skin tones.

... and some swatches below [with Shimmer Cream in 'Eternal' on left...]

Lip Products

On the top row we have 'Obey', one of my favourite Lipsticks that have in our extensive collection - it's a nude/ pink colour that interestingly seems to look nuder on some people and pinker on others! Again, it looks good on all skin tones. 'Maneater' is our second best-selling red Lipstick [after Box, of course!] and is a very blue red. 'Nubile' is one of our shimmer based Lipsticks and is a lovely baby pink with tiny silver flecks.

Below this, we have a line of glosses! 'Rouse' is a baby pink Sheer Lipgloss that looks fabulous on top of reds and nudes to 'pink them up' a bit. 'Fierce' is exactly that; a very intense purple Intense Lipgloss that completely wipes out your natural lip colour, so if you are wary of wearing purple gloss because it starts to go a bit pinky as it fades, no need to worry with this one! It looks especially gorgeous on fair skin with dark hair, in my opinion. Lastly we have 'Embroil' - a difficult colour to pull off as it is a greyish nude. However, it still has a fan club judging by internet sales!

Below are two more Intense lipglosses - 'Absorb' is a slightly warmer shade than 'Lucid' but they are both glossy nudes that completely take away any of your normal lip colour and replace it with a real nude hue.

Below those are two Powder Blushers - 'Nymph' is a bright bluey pink and 'Hussy' is a warmer slightly apricot pink. These are both intense but don't come out this bright if you use them with caution! They are also ultra blendable and easy to build up for exactly the right amount of intensity for your look.

Last, but not least, are the requested Nail Varnish swatches - obviously these look different on a black background, but I thought it made quite an interesting swatch. On the far left is Baptiste, which was our best selling colour in the Winter months. It's a glow-from-within type Nail Varnish. If you want to see some great and telling reviews of this product on an actual nail click here.

In the middle is 'Phallic', which is similar to 'Baptiste' in that it has a variety of colourful shimmers in and is a wonderful deep blue - the more coats you add the darker it gets but it never loses that wonderful shimmer. Click here for a review on this product. 'Collide' is on the right and dries to quite a matt finish. It's completely neon in colour and has a wonderful consistency. There are many swatches of this product on the internet, but click here for one of my favourites.


  1. I took pictures of my swatches so I'll be posting them soon! :)

  2. These posts are extremely helpful!

    I love the website, but I should say, the swatches can be a bit confusing...

  3. could i have your email, so i can send some questions i have about the products?

  4. @ 132ndstreet - email askanartist@illamasqua.com for questions that I can put forward to the artists.


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