16 July 2009

Sanderson Predicts

Tonight we are sending our gorgeous Selfridges Oxford Street artist Halimah to the Sanderson Hotel in London where she will be making up the alter ego of Marina and the Diamonds.

The Sanderson Hotel is hosting a weekly night throughout July that will showcase the best in up and coming British talent. Known as the Sanderson Predicts night, the collaboration with Modular Records [who have Marina and the Diamonds and the super-hyped Little Boots amongst others on their books] takes place in the famed courtyard garden, where guests can sip some of the finest cocktails that London has to offer in a unique setting.

I'll give you the goss from the event tomorrow as I'll be heading down after work!


  1. Halimah is my favourite artist. She's so nice and friendly and he's gorgeous too.

  2. I hope the night goes brilliantly - we had a great time at the Dare to be Different event with Halima, who is gorgeous, as well as immensely talented.

  3. Aaw thanks guys!! The 'dare to be different' event was fab and it was a briliant chance to get to know some Illamasqua fans a bit better! x


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