14 July 2009

Product of the Week: Box Lipstick

The first Lipstick to be developed by Alex Box to her exact specifications, Box is the ultimate Red Lipstick - intense, dramatic and perfect for unleashing your inner temptress..

The first Lipstick to be covered by Product of the Week is 'Box' Lipstick. Developed closely with Alex Box, whom the product has of course been named after, this red was masterminded as "the perfect red for someone with a similar complexion to mine who is looking for a colour true, matt finish," says Alex. "We must have recieved about six samples from the supplier until I was happy with the product! I kept saying 'more blue, less pink, more purple, less orange...' but we got there in the end! I couldn't be more pleased with the final product as it is 100% to my specifications."

This is a warm, bluish orange-red that looks great on all skin complexions, but especially cooler, pale skintones such as Alex Boxs'.

Courtney Love has also confessed to having serious Box Lipstick syndrome, describing it as the perfect red.

The makeupandbeautyblog has written a great review on this product - including a lovely swatch - if you would like to see the product on. Yes, the camera here is still broken!


  1. I am already addicted to your product but knowing courtney love is a fan of this lippy has just pushed it into holy grail teritory!

  2. I love this lipstick as well. I'll be posting a review soon!

  3. I must say it is on my favorite list of products right now. "Box" is indeed the perfect red.

  4. This is great!lipstick in box !!

  5. This looks amazing. Matte and Red! It couldnt be any more perfect in my eyes!

    Sara:) www.themakeupsnob.com

  6. I really love the lipstick, when i go shopping i prefer to choose a quality lipstick that doesn´t cause any damage in my lips. I take care my lips too much, because i thik this is the sexiest part of our body. So when i feel sexy is better the man buy viagra


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