06 July 2009

Alex Box Masterclass - Dare To Be Different: Part 2

Below are some images from the event that I couldn't fit on to the first post! Find yourself, if you attended!

The feed back from the event was phenomenal and I'd like to thank everyone for coming along and for all your comments and ideas on how we can make the next one even better. Fingers crossed we can roll this out among the other cities that we have counters in the future and that everyone gets to witness Alex Box at her most creative!

"I had an utterly wonderful evening and would like to thank Illamasqua for putting on such a spectacular event." [Helen from Helen and Sheenies Nice Things]

For reviews on the event click here, here and here.


  1. Alex, you look almost like a siren. :) Great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Looks like it was such a wonderful event! Such a shame I couldn't make it... Hopefully there will be one once I am back in London at the end of Summer!
    Everyone's makeup looks fab :)

  3. Damn lol - no pics of me! Never mind - Just wanted to say a massive thank you for a wonderful night! Jen xxx

  4. This was so much FUN! I had an absolute blast, please do another one soon.

  5. I hope there will be one of these events in Newcastle soon! Loving your products and can see them being a strong feature in my blog :)

  6. will there be more i want to come so bad!! it looks amazing!


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