29 July 2011

Social Sacrifice...surrender your profile for the experience of a lifetime

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The fabulous prizes...

Over 18's

2 tickets to the launch of Illamasqua's first fragrance in association with The Last Tuesday Society on Saturday 29th October 2011.

2 tickets to a fashion show at London Fashion Week with backstage access and a chance to cover the event for Illamasqua's blog.

2 tickets to attend a Night Time Diva course at Illamasqua's School of Make-Up Art.

Star in your own beauty photo shoot at Illamasqua's School of Make-Up Art.

A guided tour around Vicky McClure's latest film set by the BAFTA winning actress herself.

Supper and a screening at BAFTA with Spob, head make-up & hair artist on 'Born Again'.

90-minute pampering package at award winning central London salon 'Inanch London'.

A Personal Shopping experience, accompanied by your very own stylist with £500 spending money.

A night on the town with the Illamasqua Art Team.
£500 of Illamasqua products of your choice. (subject to availability).

All travel costs within the UK and accommodation for one night for you and a friend at the stylish Sanctum Hotel Soho.

Under 18's

The Art of Self-Indulgence course at Illamasqua’s School of Make-Up Art. A private party for you and a group of 6-12 friends! An amazing 2 hour evening event hosted by an Illamasqua Professional Make-Up Artist who will design a bespoke course to excite and delight your group.

£500 of Illamasqua products of your choice.
(subject to availability)

Runners up

10 x Illamasqua goodie bags worth £100.

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Final days to register for Illamasqua's Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards!

With just 2 days left to register for the Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards this is the last chance to sign up for the chance to launch your career and win some amazing prizes.

As the first stage of the entry to the awards is it essential that you register as a Professional or Student by 31st July 2011!

1st stage – Deadline 31st July 2011
To register and be eligible for the awards simply follow these steps…

  1. Click here to sign up as a Professional or Student with Illamasqua 
2. You will receive notification of your registration.

2nd stage – Deadline 26th August 2011
Once you have registered you will need to send in your application form and 2 photos of your work – 1 fantasy and 1 beauty look.

1. Click here to find out all about the fabulous prizes and the details behind the awards.

2. Check out the different entry categories and decide which you fit. If you have any queries about which category you should enter please email josephine.obrien@illamasqua.com

3. Click here to download the Application form

4. Complete your application form

5. Send your Application form and 2 examples of your work – 1 beauty and 1 fantasy look to 
Illamasqua, 6-8 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1UQ

Alternatively…you can drop off your application and 2 photos to any UK Illamasqua counter or store

Register today for the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards!
Good Luck

28 July 2011

Live Q&A with Spob - Head of Professional Development

If you haven't already checked out the making behind our latest film called 'Born Again' starring Vicky McClure; take a look now!

BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure joined us at our Headquarters on Tuesday, along with Illamasqua’s founder Julian Kynaston and Head of Professional Development, Spob. A live Q&A took place answering your questions, and we received some very insightful answers. Following Julian's responses we posted up on Tuesday, here are Spob's answers to the questions you put forward, enjoy!

How can I intern with someone like yourself? (I am a Make-up Artist as well)

I don’t really call it interning, instead I currently have a fantastic group of graduates who I call trainees that come out on shoots with me. I go to Graduate shows all across the country and this is where I discover my trainees. I love going to these shows every year to see the amazing new talent and huge diversity in their work.
Also, you never know who you are going to meet in the weirdest of places, networking everywhere is so important.
At the moment Illamasqua we have the Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards. This is an amazing competition with incredible opportunities that anyone looking to break into the industry should certainly be entering into. Click here for more information.

Clare Jones: Inception is one of my favourite films ever. What was it like working in such a variety of locations and climates and how do you adapt the hair and make-up for that?

It was just amazing, to date it is one of the most exciting films I have ever worked on. Well, like I say to everybody you just learn to adapt, although one thing that really helped me was the high pigmentation levels with Illamasqua products - they were amazing in so many intense situations and locations.
It is always a challenge and that is what I love the most, put me on the edge of a cliff and see what happens!

As an aspiring make-up artist my dream is to work on blockbuster films. What is the best way of getting your foot in the door?

Be a trainee, work your way up and enter Illamasqua’s Distinction of Make-up Artistry Awards!


26 July 2011

Get the Look - Vicky McClure in Born Again

BAFTA Best Actress 2011 Vicky McClure ventures on a journey to discover her true self as she boldly embraces her alter ego in Illamasqua’s latest film. Taking to the depths of a dark lake, Vicky McClure commits the ultimate sacrifice in order to be cleansed and born again. Spob, Illamasqua’s Head of Professional Development heads up a team of graduates and supports aspiring artists. As the make-up artist to Vicky McClure on set for ‘Born Again’, Spob has also created the amazing looks behind award winning films such as Inception and Kings speech.

To create Vicky’s stunning and dramatic look to transform your alter ego, here is a break down for you to follow.

Skin Base in SB 10 was used to create the perfect base, with SB 11 used as a contouring product. To add a bronzed finish, Spob swirled Bronzer in Writhe in the places that the sun would naturally hit: nose, cheeks and forehead. She added a flush to Vicky’s cheeks using Powder Blusher in Lover (soft apricot with a matt finish).

Skin Base in SB 11
Powder Blusher in Lover

Spob used Powder Eye Shadow in Boomerang (deep burnished brown with a matt finish) as a base to the eye look, by sweeping all over the lid, lower lash line and up to the brow bone using Blending Brush 1. To add a visual contrast of colours, Spob used Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon (bright scarlet red with a matt finish) above Boomerang. This was swept out to the outer corners and blended through under the brow towards the sides of the nose. To add textural variation, Spob added a light dusting of Powder Eye shadow in Bronx (pale bronze-gold with a shimmer finish).

Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon

Powder Eye Shadow in Bronx

To highlight under the brow bone, Spob added a sprinkling of Pure Pigment in Furore, (a champagne peach shimmer) that catches the light beautifully.

Pure Pigment in Furore

To finish the look, she added a slick of Precision Ink in Abyss (gloss black), winging the colour out at the edges to create a sharp, structured shape and lashings of Masquara - the new mascara from Illamasqua that will be launching soon.
Sealing Gel

Illamasqua's signature full brow was employed using Eye Liner Cake in Mislead (pure black), Sealing Gel and an Angled Eye Liner Brush.

For a smouldering mouth, Spob used Liquid Metal in Resolute (metallic ruby) all over the lips using a Lip Brush and finished off with a smudge of Sheer Lipgloss in Lily-Rose (warm raspberry pink) for glossy vibrancy.

Liquid Metal in Resolute

Vicky’s nails were given a shot of shimmering deep ruby red using Nail Varnish in Scarab [and given an extra glossy, long-lasting finish courtesy of Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Nail Top Coat]

With so much flesh on show, Spob used two products to add sultry glistening glamour to Vicky’s limbs. She began by smoothing Gleam Cream in Flex (iridescent skin brightener) all over and finished by sculpting with Powdered Metal in Erzule (deep bronze shimmer).

Live Q&A today ... Illamasqua's Founder & Joint MD Julian Kynaston answers

If you haven't already checked out our latest film called 'Born Again' starring Vicky McClure; take a look now!

BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure joined us at our Headquarters today, along with Illamasqua’s founder Julian Kynaston and Head of Professional Development, Spob. A live Q&A took place answering your questions, and we received some very insightful answers. First up, Julian!

Allie Meek: What was the specific moment/where were you when you thought of the idea for creating Illamasqua?

I was sat in the Little Angel pub at Whitby Goth festival. I had just taken a seat next to a 6ft7 tranny, who I ended up getting to know really well, her alter ego was called Alison. I ended up having a really good night with this group of people and I think it was this experience that curbed a lot of my preconceptions. Looking around this club there were lots of great looking women and great looking men wearing make-up and bathing in the beauty of it all. It appeared that the connection between all these people was not so much the music or the club; it was the make-up. This is where I became really excited and wanted to take this idea of using make-up to access your alter ego to the high street.

Carrie Wentworth: Hi Julian. I read that you started Propaganda (creative marketing agency based in Leeds) aged 22. That’s very inspiring to someone like me who is looking to start her own business: what are your top tips?

I genuinely think to follow your heart and if you want it bad enough you will get it. What you lack in academic skill you can make up for in determination, energy, passion and belief. For me, I think the number one ingredient was ignorance in the business side of things, and on the other side just this belief, fascination and love affair for the things that I was doing.

Matt: What is your response to people who have questioned the morals that this video could be said to be promoting? Effectively, the girl is committing suicide?

Julian: When you are trying to strike a love affair with the customer like we are, you are not going to please everybody. We know that there is not a single grain of badness behind that film. However, we also know the morals and position of Illamasqua actively celebrating alternative cultures such as the gay and tranny scene sometimes offends people.
For me, I can identify with the ‘Born Again’ film on a personal level. I used to be a football hooligan, and I killed that character to become something different and change.

Spob: To me the video represents that we can completely change ourselves and why not do it in a really bold way? Change just makes life more exciting.

Vicky: For me it never felt like a suicidal scene or ‘wrong’ in any way, the water scene is beautifully shot and I had so much fun doing it.

Alison Darby: How do you think this film celebrates the identity and values of Illamasqua as a brand?

Julian: I think the character Vicky plays is in all of us. When you see someone dressed up for an occasion it is as though they are playing their alterego for that one night. For example, at Halloween parties I have hosted, you see people explode and act wild, this is because they are made-up and for this one night their alterego is existing. At Illamasqua we believe that the products and the brand together open a door where your alter ego can exist on a permanent basis.

Spob: We all know what red lipstick does to us women when you wear it and the attention you can attract. It’s amazing what a big change something so simple can make. 

Look out tomorrow for Vicky McClure's exciting answers to your questions!

25 July 2011

Illamasqua Brand Ambassadors

Illamasqua’s cult following continues to grow as celebrities flock through London’s Beak Street doors. Lured in by the self expressive air and ‘anything goes’ attitude, they adorn Illamasqua’s fearless mix of high pigments and theatrical demeanour. Under the intense spotlights celebrities cannot afford to wear anything less than the highest quality products whilst exhibiting their alter ego; refusing to be everybody. This strongly reaffirms Illamasqua as the only go-to brand for professionalism.

The S.O.P.H.I.E campaign (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere) is at the heart of Illamasqua, as we continue to promote the right to experiment and self-express through your identity.  

Many celebrities have taken to twitter to shout about the brand, including Alexandra Burke and Nicole Scherzinger, who tweeted the following photo rocking Intense Lipgloss in ‘Mistress’. "Rocking the bright peachy, coral lips now. Love my new Mistress Lip Gloss from Illamasqua" (Twitter)

Here are a few of our fans and their thoughts on Illamasqua …

Daisy Lowe - “I absolutely love Illamasqua nail colours, they’re great long-lasting varnishes”

Vicky McClure - "What I love about Illamasqua is that there is a bigger story and a bigger attraction. Their affiliation with the S.O.P.H.I.E charity means there is an emotional connection. This is a story that needs to be heard."

Jodie Harsh - "I love Illamasqua. It's so theatrical, the colours so rich... I've worked with make-up artists from the brand and they are the more creative bunch of face painters I have come across. I am very excited to see where Illamasqua takes us next". 

Other lovers of the brand include Courtney Love, Lady Gaga, The Saturdays, Boy George, Marina & the Diamonds, Florence Welch, La Roux, Rachel Zoe, Gail Porter, Ruby Rose and Lisa Snowden to name a few!

Thanks to Rochelle and Una from The Saturdays for showing their support to the S.O.P.H.I.E campaign by sporting their S.O.P.H.I.E wristbands. 


22 July 2011

The Ultimate Social Sacrifice

Have you ever looked at your Facebook profile and wanted to ‘kill off’ your boring self? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you unleashed your alter ego for all your Facebook friends to see? Are you prepared to make the ultimate Social Sacrifice?

Social Sacrifice: a competition with an edge.

To be in with a chance of winning a phenomenal prize that includes staying in a luxury London hotel whilst attending exclusive events like London Fashion Week, the Illamasqua fragrance launch. A course at the Illamasqua School of make-up Art, an alter-ego makeover with a key Illamasqua make-up artist, a shopping spree worth £500 with a personal stylist and tickets to top London shows for you and a friend, enter Illamasqua’s groundbreaking competition!

However the ultimate Social Sacrifice means that the winner will have their Facebook account wiped clean –all their old photos deleted, their wall activity, gone –their friends will be all that’s left. With the photos taken during their time and experience with us, their alter ego will then be revealed…

 For further details on the prizes at illamasqua.com click here.

21 July 2011

"Born Again"- Starring BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure

Born Again tells the story of a beautiful young woman on a journey that will define who she will be for the rest of her life. Tense and on the edge, the young woman chases the sunset, seeking an inner peace that has so far eluded her. We see it in her vibrantly coloured eyes and read it on her vividly painted lips –how this search for her true self has taken her to the edge of reason and sanity and ended in the ultimate act of sacrifice and commitment. Only here, at journey’s end, does she realise that to be born again, first she must die…

We were thrilled to be working with BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure again on the “Born Again” video. After a tense 48hour countdown on illamasqua.com, it’s finally here! I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

“Illamasqua always does things differently, which is why they capture your attention. ‘Born Again’ is about releasing you alter ego with a much more cinematic feeling. The story telling is creative, different and beautiful.” – Vicky McClure

Lovebox: Out and Out Fierce!

On Sunday 17th July, the Illamasqua Art Team headed to East London to take part in London's biggest festival - Lovebox.

Friday had been sunny, Saturday had been pretty wet and so by the time it got to Sunday the park resembled a boggy marsh... but did that stop the fun? Hell no!

With a cracking line up including the legendary Blondie [see below!], Kelis, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Jodie Harsh's Circus and Scottee's Eat Your Heart Out, the fiercest partiers in London descended upon the stages for a no-holds-barred, hedonistic party!

Our Art Team [Leena from Selfridges Trafford, Charlotte from Debenhams Cardiff and Mika from our Flagship Beak Street store] created some fabulous looks for the likes of Jodie Harsh's This Is Circus team [seen above, from L-R Alex - Junior Brand Manager, Jodie Harsh, Leena, Mika, Melanie Blatt - ex-all saints singer who has a fantastic new track out soon with DJ Kris di Angelis, Mel's daughter and Charlotte], and Scottee's Eat Your Heart Out Team.

We also created the startling looks for performance artists 'Figs In Wigs' - a performance troupe from East London who describe their dances as "somewhere between dance and physical theatre - and both done badly! We take everyday movements and transform them in to dance."

What did they think of their looks courtesy of the Illamasqua Art Team? "Amazing. It's great! I loved that we started with beautiful sexy smoky eyes and then kind of ruined it with a thick blue monobrow! And the brushes... they are so soft, it felt like Leena was stroking my face with them and I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep".

I can identify with that, by the time I was speaking with them I actually thought that the backstage tent was going to blow away in the torrential rain and wind!

We had a great time, and are all looking forward to next year!

20 July 2011

24 hours to go...

19 July 2011

The time to be Born Again will soon be at hand


“Illamasqua always does things differently, which is why they capture your attention. 'Born Again' is about releasing your alter ego with a much more cinematic feeling. The story telling is creative, different and beautiful.” Vicky McClure, BAFTA Best actress 2011

Vicky’s portrayal of Lol in Shane Meadows and Channel 4’s This is England film and subsequent TV series resonated with the Illamasqua brand values of freedom of self-expression and cultural tolerance. ‘Born Again’ is Illamasqua’s fourth collaboration with Vicky, who has previously worked with us to produce ‘Poem’, ‘Interview: Vicky and Vic’ and the ‘Illamasqua Brand Film’. Find these films here: www.illamasqua.com/alter-ego-gallery/films.

The Final Act of Self-Expression: The Fallout

Even if you don't regularly read the Illamasqua blog or visit our social media sites [and if not why not? Visit us at Facebook and Twitter for up to the moment news, views and sneaky peaks in to life at Illamasqua HQ!] you will probably have heard the buzz of debate around our Final Act service.

Even though the service is only available in the UK, the news has spread like wildfire across the globe and has had coverage everywhere from the UK's newspapers such as Telegraph, The Sun, 
The Daily Mail, to onlines such as Vogue, British Beauty Blogger [love the debate there!] Karl Is My Unkle, Stylist and a great piece in Sunday Times Style [see below] to across the pond publications such as JezebelAllure and The Stir to the Albuquerque express and the mighty Fox News and Huffington Post.

Australia has also picked up the scent and gone wild with coverage - The West Australian, Marie Claire, and Bella Sugar have all excitedly covered the story whilst Canada too has picked up the story - The Toronto Star for one!

Germany's D News had something to say as did Brazilian Vogue.

Even Asia has seen interest in the story - Newstrack India and the Arabic website The National.

And of course, the many many blog posts around the world celebrating the Final Act of Self-Expression.

Of course, this service isn't for everyone - and there is plenty of debate on the World Wide Web! - but I had some great feedback from some of you and I wanted to share one [who shall remain anonymous] below...

"Not long ago my father passed away. The funeral home services that my mother wished to use, left me feeling less than happy with the 'final preparations', and I even went so far as to letting them know that if they didn't do a natural looking job on my dad, that I would intervene (I don't think I would have gone through with it....just wanted to make a point).  But it made me think that other than your wedding day, being laid out is the only other time so many people look at you and you most likely want to be remembered looking your best, wouldn't you say?!  So, hats off to you guys for once more leading the pack and coming up with something so innovative!"

18 July 2011

Professional, Student and the Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards sign up days - 18th & 21st July!

Our fabulous Professional team are hosting two registration days for Professional and Student discounts on Monday 18th and Thursday 21st July between 11am-7pm at our flagship store, 20 Beak St, London.

Every person who registers as a Professional or Student with the team in Beak St on the 18th and 21st July will receive a free Illamasqua Medium Pencil with any purchase!

The team are also on hand to take your applications for the Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards...the closing date for registering is just weeks away now, have you entered?

The sign up days are the perfect opportunity to ask those burning questions you might have regarding the Awards, student Kits and industry advice. Illamasqua’s Head of Professional Development Spob has worked on Oscar Award winning films such as The King’s Speech and Inception.

This is one event not to be missed!

Meet Celebrity Make-Up Artist Mika Doll For Your Moment In The Spotlight…

Fenwick Newcastle: 12 noon – 6 pm, Thursday 21st July 2011
Debenhams Glasgow: 12 noon – 6 pm, Friday 22nd July 2011

Ever wondered what it would feel like to meet a celebrity make-up artist, sit in their chair and experience the creative skill and professional touch that the stars enjoy? Well, now you can and it won’t cost you a single penny!

This week, Illamasqua’s Key Make-Up Artist to the stars, Mika Doll, is appearing at both our Newcastle and Glasgow counters to treat you to a free 20 minute glamour and an insight into the tips, tricks and pieces you can use to get camera-ready for your own catwalk, red carpet or curtain-up moment.

This is also the perfect opportunity to try Illamasqua’s new Skin Base Foundation, and experience first hand exactly why it’s taken the UK’s beauty press by storm, as well as learn the perfect technique to create the Sophie-I, our smoky eye with a conscience.

Appointments with Mika at both counters are strictly ‘first-come, first served’, so if you’d like to reserve your place, just call our counter teams now:

Newcastle Fenwick Counter +44 (0) 191 260 2900

Debenhams Glasgow Counter +44 (0) 141 221 3889

It’s going to be fabulous!

14 July 2011

The new offerings at our Refuse To Be Everybody boutique

Our Refuse to be Everybody Boutique is exclusive to Illamasqua.com, and features products that aren’t available anywhere else. Check out the latest products on offer that have been added this week, an exciting array of unusual colours that let you unleash you alter ego. The individual and unique shades have been drawn from Illamasqua’s restless pursuit of its creative impulses, the Refuse to be Everybody Boutique offers you a new way to revel your individuality and challenge mediocrity.

Remember everything within the boutique is limited edition, so once it’s gone; it’s gone for good. So be bold and embrace the chance of Refusing to Be Everybody.
If you refuse to be everybody then visit the boutique at http://www.illamasqua.com/collections/refuse-to-be-everybody-bout

Illamasqua Fragrance Shoot - A Sneaky Peak!

With our first fragrance due to launch later this year, we have been brainstorming ideas for the grand launch, packaging, bottle, visuals and everything else that comes with creating an iconic scent for the best part of the last year.

It's always exciting then when we take all these meetings, brainstorm sessions and various moodboard and concepts and take them to the next level: The Photoshoot.

I can't describe how exciting it is to see the final result - a physical embodiment of a concoction of ideas - and this shoot has got to be one of my favourites that Illamasqua [and I've been to all of them!] have done to date.

We will be showing you more from this wonderful shoot and bringing you more images, quotes and snippets of information about our avant garde debut fragrance as we get closer to launch but in the mean time, here are some behind-the-scenes shots!

As you can see - Purple was the theme of the day ...

Alex Box - Creative Director of Illamasqua - not just a brilliant make-up artist, but handy with a glue gun, too!

13 July 2011

Find your perfect match with our MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown & YSL Skin Base shade comparison

Since the phenomenal launch of our new Skin Base Foundation, we have been overwhelmed with responses from customers, bloggers, and beauty editors, including Vogue, who have all been amazed by the flawless, smooth complexion Skin Base creates.

Described by David Horne, Director of Product Development, as "the ultimate 'skin realism' foundation", to help those who haven't yet discovered this revolutionary new formula find their perfect match we've put together a series of shade comparisons.

Matching up key foundation shades from across the industry, be they Illamasqua, MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS or YSL, with the Skin Base shade equivalent, download the comparison charts from the links below. We'll be adding new brands to this list soon.

Simply click the brand below to download its Skin Base comparision chart:

With 18 wide ranging shades, you may find we have recommended two Skin Base shades for your shade - if so please refer to the swatches on our product page for further help.

12 July 2011

10% off at Illamasqua.com today...

Can you resist the lure of Illamasqua's truly professional make-up?

To redeem your discount simply enter promotion code '10JULY' at the edit your basket page before 12midnight GMT Tuesday 12th July 2011.

Step outside of the ordinary and give your pout some real clout with Illamasqua's highly pigmented Lipstick. Available in a range of shades, from neutral to shocking, layer with Sheer Lipgloss for the ultimate statement lip.

Or discover new Skin Base Foundation, the foundation that has taken the world by storm. Already featured in Vogue, this refined formula effortlessly creates a flawless complexion. Available in 18 wide-ranging shades, watch our Skin Base introductory video to learn more.