19 July 2011

The time to be Born Again will soon be at hand


“Illamasqua always does things differently, which is why they capture your attention. 'Born Again' is about releasing your alter ego with a much more cinematic feeling. The story telling is creative, different and beautiful.” Vicky McClure, BAFTA Best actress 2011

Vicky’s portrayal of Lol in Shane Meadows and Channel 4’s This is England film and subsequent TV series resonated with the Illamasqua brand values of freedom of self-expression and cultural tolerance. ‘Born Again’ is Illamasqua’s fourth collaboration with Vicky, who has previously worked with us to produce ‘Poem’, ‘Interview: Vicky and Vic’ and the ‘Illamasqua Brand Film’. Find these films here: www.illamasqua.com/alter-ego-gallery/films.


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