26 July 2011

Get the Look - Vicky McClure in Born Again

BAFTA Best Actress 2011 Vicky McClure ventures on a journey to discover her true self as she boldly embraces her alter ego in Illamasqua’s latest film. Taking to the depths of a dark lake, Vicky McClure commits the ultimate sacrifice in order to be cleansed and born again. Spob, Illamasqua’s Head of Professional Development heads up a team of graduates and supports aspiring artists. As the make-up artist to Vicky McClure on set for ‘Born Again’, Spob has also created the amazing looks behind award winning films such as Inception and Kings speech.

To create Vicky’s stunning and dramatic look to transform your alter ego, here is a break down for you to follow.

Skin Base in SB 10 was used to create the perfect base, with SB 11 used as a contouring product. To add a bronzed finish, Spob swirled Bronzer in Writhe in the places that the sun would naturally hit: nose, cheeks and forehead. She added a flush to Vicky’s cheeks using Powder Blusher in Lover (soft apricot with a matt finish).

Skin Base in SB 11
Powder Blusher in Lover

Spob used Powder Eye Shadow in Boomerang (deep burnished brown with a matt finish) as a base to the eye look, by sweeping all over the lid, lower lash line and up to the brow bone using Blending Brush 1. To add a visual contrast of colours, Spob used Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon (bright scarlet red with a matt finish) above Boomerang. This was swept out to the outer corners and blended through under the brow towards the sides of the nose. To add textural variation, Spob added a light dusting of Powder Eye shadow in Bronx (pale bronze-gold with a shimmer finish).

Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon

Powder Eye Shadow in Bronx

To highlight under the brow bone, Spob added a sprinkling of Pure Pigment in Furore, (a champagne peach shimmer) that catches the light beautifully.

Pure Pigment in Furore

To finish the look, she added a slick of Precision Ink in Abyss (gloss black), winging the colour out at the edges to create a sharp, structured shape and lashings of Masquara - the new mascara from Illamasqua that will be launching soon.
Sealing Gel

Illamasqua's signature full brow was employed using Eye Liner Cake in Mislead (pure black), Sealing Gel and an Angled Eye Liner Brush.

For a smouldering mouth, Spob used Liquid Metal in Resolute (metallic ruby) all over the lips using a Lip Brush and finished off with a smudge of Sheer Lipgloss in Lily-Rose (warm raspberry pink) for glossy vibrancy.

Liquid Metal in Resolute

Vicky’s nails were given a shot of shimmering deep ruby red using Nail Varnish in Scarab [and given an extra glossy, long-lasting finish courtesy of Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Nail Top Coat]

With so much flesh on show, Spob used two products to add sultry glistening glamour to Vicky’s limbs. She began by smoothing Gleam Cream in Flex (iridescent skin brightener) all over and finished by sculpting with Powdered Metal in Erzule (deep bronze shimmer).


  1. Thanks for posting all the products used. Vicky's makeup is so beautiful in the film.

  2. absolutely fantastic film, each gets better than the last :) fab product fab actress

  3. Ah was looking forward to seeing this breakdown! I'm going to pick up a few of these and try it out - after watching the film I really fancied some red eyeshadow, but wanted to know how it was layered up to look that way first. Excellent job and thanks for sharing! xx


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