28 April 2011

Illamasqua cordially invites you to celebrate with regal transformations & a party at our flagship store!

As the rest of the country celebrate the Royal Wedding tomorrow, Illamasqua cordially invites you to our Flagship Store for a fun alternative...

 Join us for an in-store street party between 12 - 6pm with performance artist Scottee playing Queen Mother, cucumber sandwiches, batten-burg and afternoon tea to celebrate! 

And if all this royal entertainment wasn't enough to tempt you, you're also invited to experiment with some royal bunting, plates, cups and other regal pieces in Scottee's unique craft session.

All this alongside Illamasqua Regal Transformations at £20, dress for a wedding (or divorce).

27 April 2011

Celebrate the Royal Wedding with Free UK delivery!

As a London-based brand, we are revelling in the excitement of the upcoming big day and the excuse to be beautifully British with our make-up.

Be prepared to party with professional make-up that will last all night, no matter how many glasses of champagne are drunk or the number of princes kissed!

 Liquid Metal in Superior

Lipstick in Encounter

Simply enter promotional code "ROYALUK" at the edit your basket page for free UK Standard Delivery. Offer ends 9am GMT on Tuesday 3rd May 2011.

*Terms and conditions apply

Powder Eye Shadow in Sex

False Eye Lash No.11

And keeping with the theme of the Royal wedding, Illamasqua has the perfect course for those brides to be and aspiring artists…the School of Make-Up Arts new course, Bridal & Beyond.

Bridal & Beyond
2-Day Course [course code: 2E]

As the title suggests, this intensive short course is all about exploring bridal make-up design but with the distinctive Illamasqua creative twist.  A wedding is the most important day to reveal inner beauty and showcase the brides personality and personal style. Carry the creativity of a wedding theme through to your vision of the make-up.
Throughout the course, professional Make-up Artists will be on hand to help, advise and help you take your bridal and Photographic make-up skills to the next level.

Course content:

Day 1: Technical workshop – Perfecting classical and technical Photographic bridal portrait make-up with a contemporary colour edge.

Day 2: Creative workshop – Exploring alternative themed bridal designs, roam wherever your imagination can take you from the light of the beauty of the goddess to the darkness of the beauty of a corpse bride.

Thursday 19th - Friday 20th May 2011
Monday 4th - Tuesday 5th July 2011
Monday 8th - Tuesday 9th August 2011

Price: £375.00. This includes a complimentary Illamasqua make-up education kit, retail value £98.50

26 April 2011

Testimonials for the fabulous SOMUA courses...

As Illamasqua's School of Make-Up Art continues to grow and evolve with new and innovative courses, the school offers a professional angle on all aspects of make-up artistry and creativity. Whether you are merely a make-up lover with a love for colour and design or an aspiring artist, the School truly can cater for all...but don't take our word for it...we wanted to share some of the fantastic testimonials of the courses from those who have experienced them!

In relation to the most enjoyable aspect of the course:

"Opportunity to experiment with different colours and styles under the guidance of great educators."

"Relaxed Friendly approach. Intimate so able to get individual help. Great atmosphere."

"Friendly environment, easy to as questions, have fun but still learn and have the choice to be creative."

"Everything! The course taught me things I've always wanted to learn both technically and creatively, its really built up my confidence to experiment and practice."

"David's method of teaching is excellent, the course was well planned out and there was a lot of variety for 5 days. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of the course, as I find that technique is very important yet other courses don't focus much on technique at all."

"It was brilliant, so much fun and there were no boundaries!"

"It really helped me to start thinking beyond traditional beauty/fashion that I'm used to doing. Opened up a whole new world of make-up artistry for me."

"The freedom to go wild and not feel judged or feel your doing something wrong.'
"It was great that it was organic and tailored to our class."

In relation to style of teaching:

"Brilliant! Adaptive to each student."

"AWESOME! Really inclusive and made it easy to ask questions"

"Fab, friendly, relaxed and patient."

"I appretiated it when they were giving advice without discouraging us, pushing us to be better."

"Amazing! Informative and guiding but gave you space and encouraged you to make decisions for yourself."

"Very friendly, easy, made me feel comfortable not under pressure. Actually the whole experience made me feel that I'm part of the team at Illamasqua."

"Lovely, Wonderful, Helpful and really approachable, Breath of Fresh air. Amazing, Great, Useful. David, Thank you."

To find out more information about the courses available at the School of Make-Up Art and to book your place, click here.

21 April 2011

The Boudoir Circus Starlet course...

The Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art upholds our brand’s fearless dedication to self-expression and creativity through make-up, by offering a range of professionally-led short courses designed to unlock your artistic desires.

Open to everyone from qualified professionals and student make-up artists, to beauty bloggers and those who are simply lovers of self-expression, Illamasqua's School of Make-Up Art helps you to learn, master and perfect professional make-up techniques.

The school now has a new and extravagant course to offer…the Boudoir Circus Starlet! We wanted to provide you with all of the highlights of this fantastic and creative course as it launches…

Discover the secret make-up techniques that are aloft in the alternative, mysterious world of the seductive boudoir circus. Circus make-up artistry is at the height of technicality, and the Boudoir Circus Starlet course provides you with a make-up challenge to improve both your creativity and line work.

Uncover the elements of design, colour and texture at the centre of successful stage and aerial drama, whilst discovering how to ensure your make-up design effectively withstands the heat of a performance.

A fun, hands on course to take your artistry skills to new heights with dramatic results.
Illamasqua are proud supporters of www.madamepainsboudoircircus.com

Course content:
Day 1: Character Design – Creating a successful design and understanding the needs of performance make-up. Practical execution of two boudoir circus make-up character designs.
Day 2: Creative workshop – Make-up designs to create maximum impact after dark.
Upcoming Course Dates: 13th-14th Apr, 10-11th June, 18th-19th August- first come, first served basis.

£375.00 Price includes Make-Up Education Kit. Retail value £98.50

To find out more about this course or any of the other professional and exciting courses available at SOMUA click here.

You can also contact the school directly at school@illamasqua.com, or on 020 3432 3276 to learn more and book your course today!

Brisbane Loves Toxic Nature!

Australia’s Sunshine State is LOVING Toxic Nature! Tiarah Ormsby, Brisbane’s Counter Manager, says that the Cream Pigments have been a huge hit, with mint-green Bedaub being one of the most popular shades. Emerge has been flushing cheeks a soft peach, and some of their Gothic clientele have been loving deep purple Mould Cream Pigment on the lips, especially with Explode Lipgloss over the top. The new Lipsticks, Atomic and Flare have been flying out the door as well – Queenslanders do love a bright lip!

The Brisbane counter had a fantastic party to launch Toxic Nature last month, where they invited all their regular customers to a party on counter with food, drinks and a photographer to track all the action. The counter was specially decorated Toxic Nature style, and they had two Toxic Nature angel models to demonstrate the versatility of the range.

Many of their clients are from the Academy of Make-up which is very near to the Brisbane counter, so there were quite a few very excited make-up students who were eager to get in and play with the new textures. Models were picked from the crowd and some of the students did a 20 minute look on their models using the new Toxic Nature products, and the Illamasqua makeup artists were giving ideas for techniques you can use.

Counter Manager Tiarah said of the evening “Everyone was loving the Toxic Nature colours, and it was an innovative, new way for us to launch a collection to have a party. Since we have so many make-up artist clients we wanted them to be part of the education and they felt more at home, playing with the textures however they wanted. We invited them to be an Illamasqua make-up artist for a day!”

19 April 2011

A profile of Illamasqua's Events Coordinator & National Make-Up Artist...Mika!

As the face of Illamasqua's Dystopia collection, the coordinator of our Flagship store and regional counter events and as one of our fabulous National Make-Up Artists, we wanted to bring a little Mika to the mix...

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is a feeling, an essence of a person rather than their appearance. I think if you feel confident about yourself you are naturally more charismatic, engaging and appealing which in turn translates to attractiveness. Confidence is beauty, I look at somebody like Katie Piper and think she is such a beautiful girl whose strength of will outdoes her scarring.

 Why did you want to pursue a career in make-up artistry and events? 
Events work came so easily to me that I didn’t realise I was actually working until my friends told me I should be getting paid for what I was doing - I just love a big night.

I have always loved to wear makeup and experiment with looks. It was through hosting that I met the wonderful Alex Box. I never dreamed of being a make-up artist until I saw the first viral images of Illamasqua, it excited me so much especially with rumours of grey lipgloss and black lipstick. I knew it was the job for me - no other company gives me inspiration like this one.

What do you most enjoy about your roles as Illamasqua’s Events Coordinator and National Make-up artist?
Meeting lots of new people and getting them to unleash their alter egos with our make-up!

 What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Pettyness, small mindedness.

 What is your greatest extravagance?
I recently spent £100 on a tempur memory foam pillow, a bit of a dull extravagance really but I sleep like a baby now

Which talent would you most like to have?
I’m not sure if this is a talent but more a superpower, I would love to be able to fly!!

 Who are your heroes in real life?
Alex Box – a successful woman who is still down to Earth and spiritual.

 What is your motto?
Get over it!

Blushers: The Low Down

With the Summer coming out, it's time to put away those blushers that you wore this Winter and pick out your Summer shades ...

Cream Pigments make fantastic blush shades, especially Emerge [my favourite ever shade as a blusher, especially with a touch of Powder Blush in 'Lover' on top to add a further pop] and Dab [if you are looking for a Lavender blush, it can be very flattering on paler skintones or those looking for a more unique cheek look]

A picture from a recent party! Hopefully you can see how Cream Pigment in 'Emerge' gives just a healthy flush of colour - I'm normally quite strong with my eye and lip make-up so it's very balancing. I find the best way to apply is just with fingers to smooth on.


Cream Blushers are definitely Summer friendly - not only are they choc full of Vitamin E [v. hydrating] but are dewy and lightweight on the skin. Our best selling [check out the make up alley review here] Cream Blusher in 'Rude' is an absolute must-have due to it's universally flattering warm peach pink shade. If you fancy something a little more pink leaning, then 'Dixie' never fails to dazzle, and for olive/ black skin tones, 'Betray' [deep rose plum] and 'Seduce' [warm rose pink] are beautiful.

Illuminators can create a shimmer shock of colour, or be blended out for a long-lasting, water-resistant finish - perfect for the beaches and nightclubs of your holiday destination! My personal favourite is 'Fondle' which is a hot pink with a shot of gold shimmer.

For those who prefer a powder finish, Powder Blushers are smooth and finely milled - and ultra pigmented. Try Powder Blusher in 'Hussy' for a candy flush or 'Expose' for a soft terracotta finish.

18 April 2011

20 Beak Street’s Easter Prize Draw

As the Easter Weekend approaches and we all eagerly await the Easter bunnies delivery, Illamasqua have a little treat to share with you!

Over the Easter weekend 22nd – 25th April, any shopper who spends over £30 in store and fills out a VIP card at our Beak St store will automatically be entered into our fabulous prize draw.

To make the celebrations and prizes on offer extra delicious, we have teamed up with the decadent chocolatiers Artisan du Chocolat who are providing exquisite Easter eggs for everyone who steps foot in store…

The prizes include:
1st prize = £100 of product
2nd prize = Pastel Nail Varnish quad
3rd prize = Artisan du chocolat gift box


If you have an event to attend and require a hot look for a summer night, book in with one of our professional make-up artists by calling 02034323274 now! Transformations are £40 and fully redeemable against product.

Mika, Illamasqua’s Events Coordinator & National Make-up Artist and organizer of the Easter weekend celebrations shared his thoughts on the collaboration…
What we love is that despite the French name Artisan is a purely British brand based in London – just like us! Here is what our friends at Artisan have to say about their wonderful chocs.

Artisan du Chocolat is unique among chocolate makers in the UK, being the first to experiment with new technology to produce chocolate from ground cocoa beans on an artisan scale. Since our early days in 2000, Artisan has become a name synonymous with the exquisite quality of our chocolate, grounded on passion, creativity and innovation.’ Artisan

So head down to Illamasqua’s Flagship store in the bustling heart of Soho to enjoy a little treat this weekend!

15 April 2011

The PAM launch party...

PAM hosted an opening party earlier this week in celebration of their expanding Pro store. The evening was attended by Make-up designers from the Film & TV industry, plus Tutors from Make-up colleges…the room was full of BAFTA winners and the odd Oscar winner too!

PAM now supplies a capsule Illamasqua range. In attendance at the event was Illamasqua’s Head of Professional, Spob, having dashed down from Manchester College after giving a talk and demo. Also on hand was the lovely Clare Lille doing some lovely Make up to show off the brand and on the beautiful Delia who modeled for us. Upstairs you could also watch demos of the new silicone gun to produce wounds and cuts!

‘It was great to finally introduce the brand to some of Britain’s hardest working Make up artists and tutors. They don’t always have the time to come events, so it was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones too’ Spob – Head of Professional development.

PAM is the go-to store for all things special effects and pro make-up related.  The PAM team are over the moon to have Illamasqua on offer to all students and Pros.

Kate Benton – Joint Director/owner of PAM said this of Illamasqua

'We are so happy with our expansion and to have Illamasqua on board. At PAM we like to offer our customers the best and when they come here they know that’s what they are getting as almost everything we stock we personally use/have used in film and TV. The Illamasqua sealing gel is a particular favourite of ours' 

Jan Sewell - Joint Director/owner also said...
 ‘I am looking forward to using Illamasqua on my next film’

Click here to sign up to Illamasqua's Professional discount to use it at PAM! 

Toxic Nature launch in Dubai...

Last week Illamasqua's Creative Director Alex Box, Account Director Calum Mackay and Head of PR Rosa Sibaja jetted out to Dubai in celebration of the launch of Toxic Nature!

Along with the Dubai Bloomingdales team they hosted an interactive launch event for Toxic Nature within the beauty hall surrounded by the beautifully adorned counter and models transformed and inspired by the collection.

Rosa was thrilled to see the reaction to our new collection
'The new collection exceeded journalist’s expectations. They were very excited by the creativity that was reflected within the SS11 collection campaign imagery and were very impressed by the textures, high pigment and colour palette of the products themselves.'

Calum shared his thoughts on the Launch in-store...
'We looked AMAZING! - we practically took over the entire ground floor of Bloomingdales! We had 4 different locations in Bloomingdales, one of these sites even had a fully working “toxic” fountain with a smoke machine!

A huge thank you is owed to our team in Dubai for all their hard work – it truly paid off. Each time I visit I am always energised by the enthusiasm for Illamasqua from both our team, customers & press and I can’t wait for my next visit!'

Guests of the launch were invited by a compeer in store to interact with the pieces through a very Toxic Nature themed game! They were also given the opportunity to immerse themselves into the setting and feel of the new collection by using props inspired by the Toxic Nature imagery in a digital photo booth.

Toxic Nature is now available to purchase in Dubai in Bloomingdales!

14 April 2011

A little preview into some fabulous Illamasqua events & collaborations...

Hervia Bazaar, the luxury Manchester based independent retailer hosted a cocktail party in store last week to celebrate their collaboration with the British Fashion Council and Elle Magazine to support up and coming British designers through the BFC/ELLE Talent Launch Pad initiative!

Illamasqua had the pleasure of being the official make-up providers for this fabulous evening!

'Each designer had a model to showcase their current Spring/Summer 11 collections and their make-up was expertly done by Philip at Illamasqua...' 

'The New York and London themed party was hosted by Hervia Bazaar to introduce young British fashion designers Holly Fulton and Eudon Choi to the store and to showcase their latest collections to new customers.' Zoe Vaughan Davies

Guests were treated to stylish cocktails that celebrated the true New York - London theme, with the very popular 'Maple Manhattans' a favourite with the guests! 
We just had to share some of the party snaps with you...

Illamasqua's Pro Sales Associate Ross's visit to meet the 2nd Year students of Stockport College and raise awareness of the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation

Ross with Sophie's mother Sylvia