19 April 2011

A profile of Illamasqua's Events Coordinator & National Make-Up Artist...Mika!

As the face of Illamasqua's Dystopia collection, the coordinator of our Flagship store and regional counter events and as one of our fabulous National Make-Up Artists, we wanted to bring a little Mika to the mix...

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is a feeling, an essence of a person rather than their appearance. I think if you feel confident about yourself you are naturally more charismatic, engaging and appealing which in turn translates to attractiveness. Confidence is beauty, I look at somebody like Katie Piper and think she is such a beautiful girl whose strength of will outdoes her scarring.

 Why did you want to pursue a career in make-up artistry and events? 
Events work came so easily to me that I didn’t realise I was actually working until my friends told me I should be getting paid for what I was doing - I just love a big night.

I have always loved to wear makeup and experiment with looks. It was through hosting that I met the wonderful Alex Box. I never dreamed of being a make-up artist until I saw the first viral images of Illamasqua, it excited me so much especially with rumours of grey lipgloss and black lipstick. I knew it was the job for me - no other company gives me inspiration like this one.

What do you most enjoy about your roles as Illamasqua’s Events Coordinator and National Make-up artist?
Meeting lots of new people and getting them to unleash their alter egos with our make-up!

 What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Pettyness, small mindedness.

 What is your greatest extravagance?
I recently spent £100 on a tempur memory foam pillow, a bit of a dull extravagance really but I sleep like a baby now

Which talent would you most like to have?
I’m not sure if this is a talent but more a superpower, I would love to be able to fly!!

 Who are your heroes in real life?
Alex Box – a successful woman who is still down to Earth and spiritual.

 What is your motto?
Get over it!


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  2. This post is amazing. She pretty much has my dream job - how exciting to mix your two passions in life and get paid for it! :)


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