04 April 2011

Facebook Giveaway - Vote For Your Favourite Products!

Hello all! To celebrate reaching 20,000 fans on facebook over the weekend, we are hosting a Top Ten Giveaway of the products that YOU would like to win!

One lucky winner will win the products most voted for by those who know, so it isn't the Top Ten chosen by Illamasqua, it's the Top Ten chosen by Illamasqua fans and customers.

Leave us a comment below and we will add it to our tally, check back at the facebook page on Friday to find out what the prize will be and how to enter!

To inspire you, I had a whip round the office to find out what their favourite products are from Illamasqua...

Ross Andrewartha - National Professional Sales

"Powder Blusher in 'Excite' is my favourite. It's a real power cheek, looks amazing with a tan - the ultimate for the J-Lo glow!"

Calum Mackay - International Account Director

"I absolutely love the Medium Pencil in 'Vow' - it's a discreet perfecter, it matches my skin tone really well, so I use it all over my eye lid to balance out my skin tone and on the waterline - it really works to make your eyes appear whiter, fresh and larger. Softer and a lot more natural than white."

Melanie Green - PR Assistant

"I recently got the ends of my blonde hair tipped bright pastel pink, so I was thrilled to see that it matched Lipstick in 'Fable' perfectly, so that has to be my favourite product right now. I am also obsessed with Nail Varnish in 'Obsess'! I'm a blonde girl who loves pink!"

Rosa Sibaja - International PR Director

"Having worked with international PR agencies and the top beauty editors across the globe, I have a pretty indepth knowledge of the entire Illamasqua range, but the one that I have seen blow the most minds recently is Precision Ink in 'Glister'. The editors all rave about our Precision Ink's in general, but this one is a fabulous nude with a beautiful iridescent sparkle that just works with pretty much any make-up look, be it adding definition to a nude eye, an unexpected slick of nude across a smoky eye or underneath the lower lashes for a glistening line. It's something that I never knew I needed until I tried it. Now it's love!"

Halimah Haque - Product Development Assistant

"It's got to be Powder Blusher in 'Nymph' because it's such a true pink and it stays pink on darker skintones."

Nicola Thornton - PR Manager 

"Nail Varnish in 'Collide' is the perfect transitional shade from winter to spring. The shocking pink never fails to garner admiring glances on the tube in the morning! It looks fabulous on pale skin and also really complements a tan, so it's perfect for me!"

Alex Cummins - Junior Brand Manager

"For me, it has to be the Highlighter Brush - this is the most versatile brush I have ever had the pleasure of using. The synthetic hairs are so soft, that it never feels harsh against my ultra sensitive skin, and it applies foundation, highlighter, blushers and contours like a dream. I use it with my Cream Foundation to buff in foundation, then follow by using it with Cream Pigment in 'Hollow' to contour every morning for work."


  1. (Coppied from what I posted on Facebook)

    Top Ten:
    Matte/Satin Primer
    Obviously Rich Liquid foundation, it's amazing.
    Translucent setting powder
    Precision ink in Abyss
    A Cream Pigment
    Nail varnish in "scorn" and / or Prism (most unique and best colours)
    Illumine Oil
    Bait lip pencil
    Atomic Lipstick
    Divine Sheer Lipgloss

    I think I have one too many, but these are probably the best and most unique products, in my opinion. Also, most of it is pretty universal, things that will go for anyone rather than just things I simply want.

  2. Cream Blusher in 'Lies.' It has been unavailable for a while, and I badly want to "pearlized" my cheeks!

  3. Gleam cream. Cannot rave about it enough.

  4. I am in love with the nailvarnish : force !

  5. I love New Cream Pigment - Dab!!!

  6. My favorite products are your lipsticks in general: Especially Drench, Welt, Salacious and Diablo. I also consider your satin primer and RF foundation to be holy grail products that I use :)...and Katie Blush has got to be one of my favorite blushes in existence :)

  7. My favourites are your nail polishes. I wish I had them all, but I have thirteen, of which Force, Fern and Radium are strong favourites.
    And I currently use Cream Blusher in Rude, Medium Pencil in Vow (on my waterline) and Precision Ink in Abyss on a daily basis for my daily, smart work make-up.

  8. Oh products than definately go to my top 10 are:

    cream blusher in rude
    bronzing duo
    under eye consealer
    powder eye shadow in succumb or justify
    cream eyshadow in command
    sheer lipgloss in rouse
    eye liner cake in mislead
    nail varnish in grab
    Medium pencil in hex or sophie
    blush brush 2 (angled)

    woohoo! I wish I will be the lucky one!

  9. Powder Eye Shadow in Never
    Lipsticks in Flare and Corrupt
    Powder Blush in Chased
    Nail Varnish in Collide and Grab

  10. I looove Illamasqua's Welt and Sangers lipstick :)

  11. LIES cream blush
    i've only tried it once yet i've seriously been trying to get a hold of it in canada for almost a year now, i'd do anything and everything to get it!
    does anybody know when it will be back for sale on the website?

  12. Cream pigment in Mould, Liquid Metal in Resolute, Cream Pigment in Delirium... I would LOVE to win me some Illamasqua!


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