30 April 2010

Nail Varnish Quartet Now Available!

For £39.50, you can own all three of the Body Electrics nail varnishes, saving £9.50

Couldn't decide between the fierce pink/ lavender of 'Jo'Mina'?

The powerful shock of blue from 'Force'?

Not had the chance to illuminate with the electric blue shots of 'Prism'?

Now you can buy all three with a base coat, as we all know how blues like to stain nails!

Illamasqua base coat is rated 4.7/5 on the Sephora website

The written reviews are also cracking...

"My nail polish lasted about a week with only minor chips. The base coat definitely made a difference. ", "this base coat extends the life of my nails even longer and I don't think I'll ever be without it!", "It really does make a major difference in the look and lasting effect of my polish. It's definitely worth the extra step of applying this before polishing. It's quick-drying, too. Great product."

Thanks to AllYouDesire for the Prism swatches.

Thanks to deltacephei.nl for the Jo'Mina swatches.

Thanks to Lipglossbitch.se for the Force swatches.

28 April 2010

Whitby Goth Festival: An Introduction By Julian Kynaston

Whitby Gothic Weekend was a HUGE influence for us here at Illamasqua when we
started out on our journey.

Its sense of community and the flamboyant parade of so many Alter Ego's is
both beautiful and amazing.

This weekend we managed to meet up with many of those who featured in the
"Dark Love" book we worked on with photographer James Stroud (and yes
Emily from York if you're reading this - we will do that shoot together!)

There is always too much to tell from the weekend but one thing worth
spreading the word on was a newish latex label called Lickorish Latex, not
only for their outfits but also for their really original latex accessories.
Take a look @ www.lickorishlatex.com

WGW is a great event to go see if you've never been before and if you do go
the next one is on Halloween weekend - take your alter ego!

Q&A With Calum

To introduce Calum - our new National Account Manager - to you all, I have grabbed a quick Q&A with him...

Hey Calum! What attracted you to apply for a job at Illamasqua?

Illamasqua is a new and exciting luxury brand with fantastic high quality products. I am excited to work with products that I believe in; that has some integrity and a really strong brand message.

A: What has been your highlight so far?

C: Well, I have only been here for one month! The launch in Dubai has undoubtedly been the highlight of that action packed month, though. It was fantastic to see the reception that we got.

A: What does Illamasqua mean to you?

Having the opportunity to be who you really are and not having to conform to frameworks set by society. Freedom of expression, style, views... I just love the atmosphere in the office, on the counter. We all have this united passion about the brand and the constantly growing ripple that we have created in the industry.

A: What do you like to do in your spare time?

C: I like to swim, I like to snow board and I like to hang out at Broadway Market! I also love shopping for shoes - I recently picked up some gorgeous YSL canvas shoes from Browns on Molton Street and I love cardigans by Markus Lupfer. I also go to Cos for basics.

A: What are your favourite haunts?

C: I adore Asa Kusa in Mornington Crescent for great Japanese food. French House in Soho for a cheeky glass of wine and I love the Roof Garden at Boundary Restaurant in the Summer.

A: Would you call yourself a Night Time Diva or a Dare to be Different?

C: Night Time Diva - I like a bit of a smoky eye, Sophie eye pencil with Intense Eye Shadow buffed around it.

A: What is your every day beauty routine?

C: You don't want to share the bath room with me first thing in the morning! I cleanse with the Lab Series, tone and occasionally exfoliate with my own concoction that my Grandmother passed down to me; manunka honey, ground almonds and a squeeze of lemon juice - simple to make, smells delicious and leaves skin glowing! I finish with Nude moisturiser and a hydrating eye gel. I also cycle to work, which perks my skin up!

26 April 2010

Pixiwoo In Glasgow

The Pixiwoo girls [the moniker for Samantha and Nicola] will be appearing at our Debenhams Glasgow counter this Thursday 29th and Friday 30th April.

Friday is already sold out, but we have a couple of available times on Thursday for both girls.

Come down and experience a personalised make-up lesson with the Youtube sensations - their effortless talent for make-up is extraordinary and I have heard some glowing reports from those who have had lessons with the girls on either the Belfast or Cardiff leg of their sell-out tour.

The Debenhams Glasgow counter can be reached on: 0141 221 3889

23 April 2010

Collide and Prism

I have been hearing so many great things about Nail Varnish in 'Prism' from so many sources that I thought I would have a play about myself. I painted on Collide a couple of days ago to celebrate the sunny weather, so here is Prism on top!

FYI - the colours I have heard Prism looks especially amazing over are Boosh and Alarm. Will ask colleagues to send me images to post about.

22 April 2010

Now Recruiting For Australia!

Counter Manager/Make-up Artist Team Members Vacancies
Location - Sydney City, Australia

Now is the time to release your alter ego!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a member of the founding team that will launch the Illamasqua brand into Australia, working within Myer’s flagship Sydney City store.

We are looking for highly creative Make-up Artists, who dare to be different and aren't afraid to stand out. Equally important is your love of selling and your natural, engaging personality. Your role is to inspire, to give confidence and to encourage your customers to explore their alter egos.

You will be instrumental in driving retail growth for our brand in Sydney by delivering an on-brand experience and rapidly establishing a loyal customer base.

For the Counter Manager we want an entrepreneurial individual who has a natural affinity with our brand values, as well as being commercially astute. You will create an environment on counter in which the team connect with, inspire and educate their customers. You need to have a strong commercial mind with proven ability to deliver sales targets. You will also be creative and proactive in raising awareness of the brand, particularly by attracting customers in store.

If you are ready to step into the spot light and make a scene for Illamasqua in this fantastic and vibrant city, please send your CV and covering letter to recruitment@illamasqua.com

Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren’s funeral will be held on today in North London, preceeded by a precession through the streets of Camden High St, Chalk Farm, Kentish Town en route to his final resting place. Taken from the Humanade website:

"In celebration of Malcolm’s life we are asking people to observe a MINUTE OF MAYHEM at midday on 22nd April. Put on your favourite records and let it RIP!"

Malcolm was the pioneer of Punk, the first man of British rebellion and sadly passed away on 8th April. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Everyone, either directly or indirectly has been influenced by Malcolm at some point in their life; whether it was growing up listening to The Sex Pistols, fashioning themselves on the Punk movement, visiting the Sex store on Kings Road, rocking to the sounds of Adam and the Ants...

His music has been sampled by the likes of Mariah Carey, Eminem, Quentin Tarantino and De La Soul.

He was also involved with TV, radio and film projects such as 'The Ghosts of Oxford Street' which discussed the musical history of the world famous shopping destination and Fast Food Nation - it was a Cannes film hit.

Julian Kynaston, owner of Illamasqua, says: "I never met the man yet I have to say that without punk rock I would likely never have been inspired to go into business and build the brands I have. As such through punk rock he showed me a way".

If you wish to send a donation instead of flowers, please donate to humanade.

21 April 2010

Box News Flash!

After her dramatic Dubai episode [see previous post] Alex is safe and well back in the UK! She has been in today as part of a brain storming activity for the Autumn Winter collection, so I grabbed her for a catch up.

She has recently worked with the band Uncle for their new music video called Where the Night Falls. Warren and Nick shot the video [the fashion photographer extraordinaire's who shot our beautiful Body Electrics collection] which she really enjoyed.

Last week, she had a Sunday Times shoot to go with an article about Alex Box and the use of colour.

Prior to that, Japanese and Chinese Vogue both used her for extensive stories and shoots - Japanese Vogue will also have a feature on Alex in the July issue.

Of course, Alex, Carl and Calum were in Dubai - "Absolutely the most amazing and wonderfully well received launch we have had." Alex tells me, "They have no comprehension of not using make-up. I love that. To them, it's like 'why would I go without?'"

She has worked with the luxury underwear brand Myla for their next advertising campaign and was delighted to give a lecture at the Grimsby College of Art, where she studied herself. "I really loved it - I really enjoyed the uneffected, pure enthusiasm that students have for art, design, make-up, creativity... fabulous."

20 April 2010

Gleam Cream Now Available!

One of the core pieces from the SS10 Body Electrics collection is now available to buy from our webshop.

This versatile, lightweight cream is perfect for enhancing cheekbones, browbones, lips, temples... any where you want a visible glow. It can also be used as an enhancing primer or mixed with foundation for a beautiful, lustrous finish. The cream has been described by Alex Box as "the most delicious, versatile product I own; it's radiance in a tube."

Good enough for her...

Seventy Hours, Seven Modes of Transport

I am sure that everyone has been effected in some way by the closure of the air ways - apparently 150,000 Brits are stuck abroad waiting to get home - and over the past week Illamasqua accounted for eight of them!

Calum [National Account Manager] Carl [Managing Director] and Alex Box [does she really need an intro?!] flew out to Dubai last Monday for the grand launch of Illamasqua at Bloomingdales in Dubai

Calum tells me: "I was blown away by the enthusiasm and excitement shown for Illamasqua by those living in Dubai. The support we have received from local media and the Bloomingdales department store made for an amazing event."

However, getting back from Dubai has proven to be a different story... you can see that Calum [in the gorgeous McQueen scarf] and Alex [along with Carl - who I assume is taking the picture!] made it to the airport, only to be told that the flights were all cancelled. Alex decided to stay in Dubai -I assume thinking that the delay was only very temporary, I haven't actually spoken to her! - whereas the boys decided to have a bit of an adventure...

First, they flew from Dubai to Zurich [which turned out to be the last flight out of Dubai!] hoping to catch a flight from Zurich to the UK. There were also no trains from Zurich so they hired a car to drive the distance to Calais [stopping off at Reims on the way]

Carl decided that they should reset the Sat Nav to take a "short cut" [ladies; know this feeling when your man decides to take the "short cut"?!] which ended up with them driving over a mountain behind a lorry stuck at 40km an hour. Needless to say, not much of a shortcut...

After [eventually!] overtaking the lorry post-mountain and getting to Calais, Carl and Calum jumped on a coach to get to the ferry due to the backlog of cars waiting to board the ferry.

Seventy hours from arriving at Dubai airport, Carl got home courtesy of his Dad picking him up from Dover, Calum jumped on a train from Dover to London and Alex? Well, Alex was still in Dubai! The latest gossip is that she has befriended some American hippies and they are driving through France now! She is due in tomorrow, so I will get the full account and post asap!

Halimah [Product Development Assistant] and her husband went on holiday to Spain and were due back on Friday. Latest news of them? Stuck in traffic in France [isn't everyone?!] in a rental car.

Kathy [Director of Operations] is in America, luckily with her family!

Daniel [Head of Training] is 'stranded' in New York. I say stranded with more than a hint of sarcasm; if there was one place I could be stuck in the world, New York would definitely be on my shortlist.

Trudi [Director of Professional Strategy] is currently in Australia and Chris [COO] was stuck in Germany over the weekend - worrying time for him as his wife is due to give birth and it was a bit touch and go if he would make it back in time!

Any body else had any drama they would like to share?!

19 April 2010

Body Electics on Youtube

Below is Tanya - from Pixi2Woo - showing her interpretation of the Body Electrics collection! I absolutely love the latest Liquid Metal in 'Surge' from the SS10 Body Electrics collection and Tanya has captured it's beautiful pewter effect here.

Illamasqua.com Shipping Announcement

You may be aware that the volcano in Iceland is causing widespread disruptions to world wide travel at the moment, and unfortunately that means that we are having some hold ups with our international shipping from our online shop.

As we send all our products internationally using Royal Mail Airsure this could result in delays, so we apologise if you are anxiously awaiting your Body Electrics goodies!

We are working with our distribution team to see if there is anyway around this, but please bear with us whilst we explore all options to ensure that your products arrive with you safe and sound and in the best possible condition that you would expect from us.

16 April 2010

Australia - Get Ready To Unleash Your Alter Egos!

Since being hailed as the most significant make-up launch in over twenty years by Vogue, we are taking our phenomenal success in the UK, US and Dubai over to Australia and launching exclusively with Myer in June. 

"We have been speaking for over 12 months now and are hugely excited to be forming an exclusive partnership with Illamasqua", says Rob Gregory, Myer's Business Director for Cosmetics. "The success they have achieved in such a short time is incredible in a sector dominated by a few key companies. They offer a unique point of difference in the market and it is one that will work well with the Myer customer."

Illamasqua will initially launch in Sydney and will then roll out progressively to selected Myer stores nationally.

To all our Australian fans, I am so excited that you will be able to 'meet' the product in person and I look forward to hearing from you all! The Illamasqua site will be a counter similar to our beautiful sites in the UK and Dubai, so will be fully interactive with the crème de la crème of make-up artists on hand to help you with your purchases.

"Myer will be a great partner for Illamasqua," says Carl Atkinson, Managing Director at Illamasqua "they have already shown that they understand the brand as well as we do."

If you are interested in working with Illamasqua in Australia, visit the recruitment pages for more details.

IMAGE Beauty Awards

The prestigious irish magazine Image has recognised Illamasqua as a leading luxury beauty company and awarded us two of their highly coveted awards: for Best Cream Blusher and Best Lipgloss.

“Every model and actress I tried this on wanted to buy it off me. Take care when applying, as the colours are very strong, but they blend out beautifully. They double up great as stunning lip shades too, last for about five hours and give a fab dewy finish.” Colette Cassidy.

“Unreal colours – this is like a stain and gloss in one. It’s not too sticky, has a fantastic, precise applicator, and it lasts on lips forever. I’m addicted.” Natalie Kinsella

15 April 2010

Liquid Metal in 'Surge'

Got in a real Summer mood this morning and prepped my eye lids with oranges and pinks, before leaving the house and realising it was actually pretty dreary - so I've metallic-ed up by adding a swipe of Liquid Metal in 'Surge' underneath my lower lash line.

Experimented further by mixing Liquid Metal in 'Surge' with the clear Sheer Lipgloss in 'Brilliant' for a rather unusual, robotic type finish.

Finally, decked my nails out with Body Electrics Nail Varnishes in 'Force' with 'Prism' layered on top. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

And yes... I know that my nails are not in the best shape; I have a pretty gross habit of chewing the skin around my nails :S

14 April 2010

Body Electrics Video

For all of you who are yet to see the short film we created for the Body Electrics collection, here it is for your viewing pleasure...

When Alex Box Met Lynne...

A couple of months ago Lynne and a couple of her colleagues from the Frag die Gurus came to London for IMATs, so we invited them to the counter for an exclusive interview with Alex Box...

13 April 2010

Body Electrics: Behind The Scenes Part 1

I recall the Body Electrics photoshoot vividly as I was really sick that day, and yet determined to meet the legendary photographers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones as I can't remember a time when I didn't have work by these guys on my bedroom wall. Often described as 'hypervisual', their work brings an almost 3D like quality to the image and this was perfect for the Illamasqua vision of Body Electrics; an electric fusion of colour, texture and movement.

Alex brought the glam as usual - how cute are the matching pink bone clips and pink jumpsuit? With a call time of 8:30 am and working well in to the night, the level of attention to detail,
This was my favourite look of the day - a strong, sculpted cheekbone with more than a hint of 80s power-woman and that leather dress [by Hannah Marshall, styled by Katie Shillingford] brought an element of danger.

Illumine Oil in 'Pulse' was liberally applied to the model's limbs, and the Bronzer in 'Writhe' and 'Burnish' were used to add further definition.

The gorgeous, structured hair style was made by James Pecis, whose work has appeared in GQ, Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Numero and i-D magazines amongst others. I was wearing my studded leggings from Oasis, and James told me he worked on the Oasis shoot that included the leggings as part of their collection and thought they looked good on me, which was sweet of him.

James has also very kindly answered a quick Q&A on the photoshoot for Body Electrics...

What was your interpretation of Body Electrics?

I was extremely impressed with the reflective and metallic lustre the product had. I always look for interesting products that I can apply to hair for a new effect.

On a typical beauty/ fashion shoot, how much of a brief are you set and how much room for creativity do you get? How does this compare with the Illamasqua Body Electrics shoot?

Every shoot has a different team and a different way of working out the looks. Some times things can become over referenced and it kills any chance of spontaneity and originality.
Working with Alex [Box] is never that way and I know that what comes out of our shoot is always unique and not plagiarism.

Alex will provide the team with enough inspiration, concept, and mood. The outcome is always fun and magical.

Who/ what is your inspiration and who/what are you influenced by?

Inspiration and influences are constantly evolving and we take things in subconsciously on a daily basis. To stay current, you have to be influenced by what is around you.
Things that I have taken an interest in lately ranges from the purity and authenticity of the Native Americans, to the hyper-exposure we have to images continuously. I'm interested in people imperfections in a world trying to be perfect; Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, and Courtney Love etc.

Why do you think the hair styling works so well with Alex Box's directional make-up looks?

The hairstyle is an important part and works well with Alex's work because we are creating mood and fantasy. A world of endless possibilities, transformations and fun.

What does Illamasqua mean to you?

Illamasqua means alter egos, no limitations, individuality, and having fun.

12 April 2010

Body Electrics - Nail Varnish Breakdown by Sophy Robson

The brand new SS10 Body Electrics collection has now been live to purchase for three days and every day this week I will be focusing on a particular piece within the collection.

Today, I bring you the highly anticipated Nail Varnishes!

Sophy Robson - the nail maestro behind the likes of Louis Vuitton and Henry Holland, owner of Sophy Robson Nailcare Clinic at the British shopping emporium Fortnum and Mason's, London and co-judge on our fabulous Nail Varnish Competition [update coming soon!] - created the tantalicious talons of the models for our campaign.

She tells me: "For the new Body Electrics collection I created long powerful nails, to show off the light reflecting pigments of the electrifying colours from the new collection. I wanted them to be extreme but ethereal at the same time, almost like insect wings. I love the versatility of Prism - it can be used on its own for a very modern, chic pearlised white nail or over any other colour to give it a subtle glimmer.

On the Force nails, I added jewels to show off the richness and intensity of the deep electric blue."

The main colour gracing the nails of the Illamasqua HQ team at the moment is Jo'Mina, a beautiful pink/purple/lilac creme [don't you just love my colour descriptions...] - it's a perfect season transition colour. Not too bright as to screaming "Summer time!" but not too muted as to remind us of Autumn. Spring in a bottle, then!

Nobody's Daughter

One of the most anticipated album launches of the last ten years, Nobody's Daughter is the new album from Hole, due to launch on April 26th, to download or purchase in stores. Offer 3 includes a piece of Illamasqua that is currently a staple of Courtney's make-up bag; either Lipstick in 'Maneater', Liquid Metal in 'Solstice' or Medium Pencil in 'Sophie' could be winging it's way to you with a signed vinyl, unreleased photo collection and Hole messenger bag as well as the album!

Nearly five years in development, Nobody's Daughter showcases Courtney's raw, soulful voice and honest, heart breaking lyrics. My personal favourites? I love 'Samantha' and 'Skinny White Bitch' which I was lucky enough to see performed at the NME Awards show on February 17th, with Sylvia Lancaster also a VIP guest [second from left].

Courtney Love has always been a personal inspiration of mine with her baby doll grunge look in the 90s and dramatic, smeared make-up prompting Rolling Stone magazine to dub her "The most controversial woman in rock".

Finally, I couldn't post about Courtney without posting this brilliant image by the ever-original David la Chapelle of Courtney depicted as the Virgin Mary in a pieta scene...

Oh, and if you don't follow Courtney on twitter, I suggest you do...!

09 April 2010

Summer 2010 Just Got Electric...

The collection has launched! Inspired by the power of kinetic energy and the fluidity of the body in motion, the Body Electrics range is designed to ignite the skin with intensity and highlight the body's every twist and turn to exquisite perfection, ensuring you exude a confidence that's more than skin deep...

The Body Electrics film has ignited the web [click here to view] and the collection is now available to buy online at www.illamasqua.com.

This latest collection steps away from the dark decadence of the Dystopia range and brings dynamic colour and energy to you in a variety of new textures. Rich body oils, glistening creams, smooth powders and luscious lacquers are just some of the new and unique finishes that make up part of this innovative new collection, plus some of the most startlingly beautiful images that I have seen used in a beauty campaign for a long, long time.