16 April 2010

Australia - Get Ready To Unleash Your Alter Egos!

Since being hailed as the most significant make-up launch in over twenty years by Vogue, we are taking our phenomenal success in the UK, US and Dubai over to Australia and launching exclusively with Myer in June. 

"We have been speaking for over 12 months now and are hugely excited to be forming an exclusive partnership with Illamasqua", says Rob Gregory, Myer's Business Director for Cosmetics. "The success they have achieved in such a short time is incredible in a sector dominated by a few key companies. They offer a unique point of difference in the market and it is one that will work well with the Myer customer."

Illamasqua will initially launch in Sydney and will then roll out progressively to selected Myer stores nationally.

To all our Australian fans, I am so excited that you will be able to 'meet' the product in person and I look forward to hearing from you all! The Illamasqua site will be a counter similar to our beautiful sites in the UK and Dubai, so will be fully interactive with the crème de la crème of make-up artists on hand to help you with your purchases.

"Myer will be a great partner for Illamasqua," says Carl Atkinson, Managing Director at Illamasqua "they have already shown that they understand the brand as well as we do."

If you are interested in working with Illamasqua in Australia, visit the recruitment pages for more details.


  1. OH MY GOD

    Brb flailing.


  2. Yayyy
    ive just done a post letting my Aussie followers in on the news about Illamasqua heading down under!

  3. This is amazing! EEK!!
    I had to blog about it too... HUGE news!

    I hope Alex Box makes the trip too :)


  4. Alex - we're over the moon!! Hopefully you'll get to come out and experience how fab our country is ;)

  5. Damn it what about New Zealand?! :( We never get anything! But still I'm very happy for the Aussies! Lucky sods :P

  6. Oooo I really hope it comes to Adelaide Myer in SA!!

  7. that is a great news!

    Dont forget to enter my giant GIVEAWAY:


  8. Yaaaay!!! I cannot tell you how excited i am. I will be counting down the days :)

  9. omg this is so exciting!!! im definatley going for the opening!!!

  10. So very exciting!!! Glad I'll be in Sysdney in September!!!!!!

  11. Hi lovely people at Illamasqua - I am a longtime observer first time caller!

    I have been hoping the brand would come to OZ especially in these economic times. I love the concept and everything about the brand. It's like a fancy goff brand that everyone wants and is taking seriously! It is just so cool that the brand embraces that beauty takes shapes in all forms and not from the traditional media images.

    Who knew not all of us don't want to look like the millions of same old same old images we are bombarded with in the media every day. It is such a breath of fresh air and it's been amazing following this blog and other blogs that have promoted the brand.

    Bracing diversity isn’t brave or new however, it doesn’t happen enough in our society.
    The fact that Illamasqua have been so vocal in this area makes the brand even more special.

    I am sure this has been mentioned plenty times before but I think the fact the brand has been prolific in supporting diversity especially with the SOPHIE campaign in particular has really made me notice the brand even more. To me the brands ethos is amazing -because I genuinely feel it’s not playing lip surface to a cause.

    I know other brands support causes but considering how ‘new’ the brand is and it’s commitment to stamping out intolerance should be commended on many levels. I understand that on the anniversary of Sophie’s sad passing that the brand allowed customers to only purchase the SOPHIE pencil in her honour (besides the usual donations to the SOPHIE charity) I think many companies would never considered loosing out on one days worth of profits (even if it was a for a good cause) but the fact Illamasqua took this move is not just admirable but really showed that the company is committed to their ethos. Standing for principles is onething, but actually doing something about it is another. When I saw the Dark Angel video I cried, while I am not into the stereotype thing but I have pretty much hung out in the goth scene for many years, to think that anyone I know could have been killed because of being goth is heartbreaking and makes it all to real. I commend Illamasqua and I for one cannot wait to become a customer!

    While a few brands are offering up something different the fact that Illamasqua are promoting diversity makes this more than just a brand with some cool colours. I have heard only good things about the brands quality and the colours for one look amazing.

    On a personal note I for one can’t wait to buy one of your red lipsticks if the images are anything to go by I do will be saying ‘yes it is a cool colour -it's from Illamasqua’

    Kudos to you all I can see the brand getting stronger and doing even better!


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