21 April 2010

Box News Flash!

After her dramatic Dubai episode [see previous post] Alex is safe and well back in the UK! She has been in today as part of a brain storming activity for the Autumn Winter collection, so I grabbed her for a catch up.

She has recently worked with the band Uncle for their new music video called Where the Night Falls. Warren and Nick shot the video [the fashion photographer extraordinaire's who shot our beautiful Body Electrics collection] which she really enjoyed.

Last week, she had a Sunday Times shoot to go with an article about Alex Box and the use of colour.

Prior to that, Japanese and Chinese Vogue both used her for extensive stories and shoots - Japanese Vogue will also have a feature on Alex in the July issue.

Of course, Alex, Carl and Calum were in Dubai - "Absolutely the most amazing and wonderfully well received launch we have had." Alex tells me, "They have no comprehension of not using make-up. I love that. To them, it's like 'why would I go without?'"

She has worked with the luxury underwear brand Myla for their next advertising campaign and was delighted to give a lecture at the Grimsby College of Art, where she studied herself. "I really loved it - I really enjoyed the uneffected, pure enthusiasm that students have for art, design, make-up, creativity... fabulous."


  1. Can't wait to see the new A/W collection :) And I am glad that Alex is back home.

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  3. I met Alex in Dubai, what an inspiration she is!
    She's my role model. I couldnt speak to her at first, and she did my makeup!!!!!


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