08 April 2010

24 Hours To Go To Body Electrics ...

In celebration of the 24 hours left before Body Electrics officially goes on sale [my pick? Get your hands on the Illumine Oils before they fly out, as well as Nail Varnish in 'Force' and the Liquid Metal Palette...] I thought I would share a swatch or two...

Illumine Oil in 'Volt'

This beautiful oil absolutely blew my mind when we first received samples all those months ago. The combination of pinky sheen with a hint of electric blue is just so unique that I can't wait to hear customer feedback. The scent isn't at all overpowering, so it doesn't clash with your favourite perfume, and contains antioxidants for protection. Plus, it looks just gorgeous in the bathroom, and to me that's half the joy of beauty products ...

The swatch was very difficult to shoot, especially as body oils always look at their best when you are moving about, but it gives you an idea on the sort of finish you can expect.

Liquid Metal in 'Surge'

The latest in the saga of Liquid Metals, 'Surge' is set to be one of those products that is described as pewter/platinum/greeny... you get the idea! Almost undescribable, yet highly covetable and this is one colour that will take you through all the seasons due to it's rich, luxe colour and finish.


  1. Wow. The only shame is, I have too many silvers in my collection already. =( Oh well. I really want to check out the illumine oil though, that looks fab.


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