13 April 2010

Body Electrics: Behind The Scenes Part 1

I recall the Body Electrics photoshoot vividly as I was really sick that day, and yet determined to meet the legendary photographers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones as I can't remember a time when I didn't have work by these guys on my bedroom wall. Often described as 'hypervisual', their work brings an almost 3D like quality to the image and this was perfect for the Illamasqua vision of Body Electrics; an electric fusion of colour, texture and movement.

Alex brought the glam as usual - how cute are the matching pink bone clips and pink jumpsuit? With a call time of 8:30 am and working well in to the night, the level of attention to detail,
This was my favourite look of the day - a strong, sculpted cheekbone with more than a hint of 80s power-woman and that leather dress [by Hannah Marshall, styled by Katie Shillingford] brought an element of danger.

Illumine Oil in 'Pulse' was liberally applied to the model's limbs, and the Bronzer in 'Writhe' and 'Burnish' were used to add further definition.

The gorgeous, structured hair style was made by James Pecis, whose work has appeared in GQ, Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Numero and i-D magazines amongst others. I was wearing my studded leggings from Oasis, and James told me he worked on the Oasis shoot that included the leggings as part of their collection and thought they looked good on me, which was sweet of him.

James has also very kindly answered a quick Q&A on the photoshoot for Body Electrics...

What was your interpretation of Body Electrics?

I was extremely impressed with the reflective and metallic lustre the product had. I always look for interesting products that I can apply to hair for a new effect.

On a typical beauty/ fashion shoot, how much of a brief are you set and how much room for creativity do you get? How does this compare with the Illamasqua Body Electrics shoot?

Every shoot has a different team and a different way of working out the looks. Some times things can become over referenced and it kills any chance of spontaneity and originality.
Working with Alex [Box] is never that way and I know that what comes out of our shoot is always unique and not plagiarism.

Alex will provide the team with enough inspiration, concept, and mood. The outcome is always fun and magical.

Who/ what is your inspiration and who/what are you influenced by?

Inspiration and influences are constantly evolving and we take things in subconsciously on a daily basis. To stay current, you have to be influenced by what is around you.
Things that I have taken an interest in lately ranges from the purity and authenticity of the Native Americans, to the hyper-exposure we have to images continuously. I'm interested in people imperfections in a world trying to be perfect; Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, and Courtney Love etc.

Why do you think the hair styling works so well with Alex Box's directional make-up looks?

The hairstyle is an important part and works well with Alex's work because we are creating mood and fantasy. A world of endless possibilities, transformations and fun.

What does Illamasqua mean to you?

Illamasqua means alter egos, no limitations, individuality, and having fun.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Is he available for my wedding??! :P

  2. Hannah Marshall is amazing - I was lucky enough to get a ticket to her show and didn't know that Alex Box did the makeup until I just googled her!

  3. love the photos! so gorgeous!! cant wait for the bronzers and the gleam cream to come into stock! desperate for them all!! xx

  4. Wonderful! So happy to hear that there are other artists out there inspired by Dr Seuss, everyone at my Art college laughed when i said he was an inspiration for me.

  5. I love the way Alex styles her self, so chic! Loving the look she is working on in the picture.


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