12 April 2010

Body Electrics - Nail Varnish Breakdown by Sophy Robson

The brand new SS10 Body Electrics collection has now been live to purchase for three days and every day this week I will be focusing on a particular piece within the collection.

Today, I bring you the highly anticipated Nail Varnishes!

Sophy Robson - the nail maestro behind the likes of Louis Vuitton and Henry Holland, owner of Sophy Robson Nailcare Clinic at the British shopping emporium Fortnum and Mason's, London and co-judge on our fabulous Nail Varnish Competition [update coming soon!] - created the tantalicious talons of the models for our campaign.

She tells me: "For the new Body Electrics collection I created long powerful nails, to show off the light reflecting pigments of the electrifying colours from the new collection. I wanted them to be extreme but ethereal at the same time, almost like insect wings. I love the versatility of Prism - it can be used on its own for a very modern, chic pearlised white nail or over any other colour to give it a subtle glimmer.

On the Force nails, I added jewels to show off the richness and intensity of the deep electric blue."

The main colour gracing the nails of the Illamasqua HQ team at the moment is Jo'Mina, a beautiful pink/purple/lilac creme [don't you just love my colour descriptions...] - it's a perfect season transition colour. Not too bright as to screaming "Summer time!" but not too muted as to remind us of Autumn. Spring in a bottle, then!


  1. Swaaaaatcheeeeeees!

    Please let us see these on some actual nails, it's so hard to tell from the bottles.

  2. I'm waiting to try out the new Prism polish...as soon as my order arrives...can't wait!! ^_^


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