01 April 2010

What a Week...

It's been a funny one! Firstly, we had to make the two planned blogger events [Manchester and London] merge in to one large one [London] after a mix up of schedules with Alex Box - who is now working a fabulous shoot with a prestigious fashion magazine in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld; the life of the fabulous, eh? - and after re-planning that, the news of the National Rail strike happened!

And what do I hear today? Ah yes, the strike has been banned by the high court and is now not going to happen. Ho hum.

On the plus side, I have now shown all the judges the 25 finalists of the Nail Varnish Competition and they are very excited by what they have seen. Again, thanks everyone for entering and we will be announcing the winners in the first week of May!


  1. I couldn't belive it when I saw they'd banned the strike after all you'd been through. x

  2. Hi i mailed the main site with an enquiry over a week ago but i have not heard back? i really need some answers about foundation !! Do you have another mail or phone i can contact? Thanks


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