08 March 2012

Illamasqua Socialise

Illamasqua blogspot has relocated...

It has now been incorporated in to Illamasqua.com to create Socialise. If you haven't visited Socialise yet, do so now to indulge in Illamasqua and explore...

The new Social space for Illamasqua HQ, artists and fans to interact, we wanted a space that could offer more than blogspot. We have new content such as Get the Looks, to celebrity interviews, to make-up artist tips and tricks, exclusive collection behind-the-scenes shots and the latest and greatest news from Illamasqua HQ and stores around the world!

We invite you to comment, share and get involved with everything we do to celebrate Illamasqua as the most forward-thinking and transparent make-up company on the planet… tell us your views and they will be heard, give us your product feedback and know that our team will read it.

Visit our new website and explore our Socialise page here.