26 April 2011

Testimonials for the fabulous SOMUA courses...

As Illamasqua's School of Make-Up Art continues to grow and evolve with new and innovative courses, the school offers a professional angle on all aspects of make-up artistry and creativity. Whether you are merely a make-up lover with a love for colour and design or an aspiring artist, the School truly can cater for all...but don't take our word for it...we wanted to share some of the fantastic testimonials of the courses from those who have experienced them!

In relation to the most enjoyable aspect of the course:

"Opportunity to experiment with different colours and styles under the guidance of great educators."

"Relaxed Friendly approach. Intimate so able to get individual help. Great atmosphere."

"Friendly environment, easy to as questions, have fun but still learn and have the choice to be creative."

"Everything! The course taught me things I've always wanted to learn both technically and creatively, its really built up my confidence to experiment and practice."

"David's method of teaching is excellent, the course was well planned out and there was a lot of variety for 5 days. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of the course, as I find that technique is very important yet other courses don't focus much on technique at all."

"It was brilliant, so much fun and there were no boundaries!"

"It really helped me to start thinking beyond traditional beauty/fashion that I'm used to doing. Opened up a whole new world of make-up artistry for me."

"The freedom to go wild and not feel judged or feel your doing something wrong.'
"It was great that it was organic and tailored to our class."

In relation to style of teaching:

"Brilliant! Adaptive to each student."

"AWESOME! Really inclusive and made it easy to ask questions"

"Fab, friendly, relaxed and patient."

"I appretiated it when they were giving advice without discouraging us, pushing us to be better."

"Amazing! Informative and guiding but gave you space and encouraged you to make decisions for yourself."

"Very friendly, easy, made me feel comfortable not under pressure. Actually the whole experience made me feel that I'm part of the team at Illamasqua."

"Lovely, Wonderful, Helpful and really approachable, Breath of Fresh air. Amazing, Great, Useful. David, Thank you."

To find out more information about the courses available at the School of Make-Up Art and to book your place, click here.

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  1. illamasqua school of makeup art is amazing.. I started off with a two day course and then returned for the five day course... what a wonderful experience... David and his team are fantastic... hope to be back again before the end of the year...


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