21 April 2011

Brisbane Loves Toxic Nature!

Australia’s Sunshine State is LOVING Toxic Nature! Tiarah Ormsby, Brisbane’s Counter Manager, says that the Cream Pigments have been a huge hit, with mint-green Bedaub being one of the most popular shades. Emerge has been flushing cheeks a soft peach, and some of their Gothic clientele have been loving deep purple Mould Cream Pigment on the lips, especially with Explode Lipgloss over the top. The new Lipsticks, Atomic and Flare have been flying out the door as well – Queenslanders do love a bright lip!

The Brisbane counter had a fantastic party to launch Toxic Nature last month, where they invited all their regular customers to a party on counter with food, drinks and a photographer to track all the action. The counter was specially decorated Toxic Nature style, and they had two Toxic Nature angel models to demonstrate the versatility of the range.

Many of their clients are from the Academy of Make-up which is very near to the Brisbane counter, so there were quite a few very excited make-up students who were eager to get in and play with the new textures. Models were picked from the crowd and some of the students did a 20 minute look on their models using the new Toxic Nature products, and the Illamasqua makeup artists were giving ideas for techniques you can use.

Counter Manager Tiarah said of the evening “Everyone was loving the Toxic Nature colours, and it was an innovative, new way for us to launch a collection to have a party. Since we have so many make-up artist clients we wanted them to be part of the education and they felt more at home, playing with the textures however they wanted. We invited them to be an Illamasqua make-up artist for a day!”


  1. I'm so going to get everything from this collection.
    Love the images.

  2. Love that Illamasqua is in Brisbane now :) How can I get updated with the latest news? Loving the sheer lipgloss in Divine by the way, so happy that it's not limited edition.



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