13 July 2009

Sephora Q&A

As promised, here is a Q&A about the Sephora launch, based on questions that I have received through this blog, facebook, Youtube and from the general information line. I've drafted in Kate, Katie and Jennifer [our International Account Director] to help with answering all your queries...

Will Illamasqua be available on Sephora.com?

Jennifer: Yes! All 200+ products that will be available in store will also be available to purchase online through Sephora.com and through their telephone service.

Will Illamasqua be available in my local Sephora?

Alex: We will let you know nearer the time - at the moment we have confirmed several cities including San Francisco, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Hollywood and Atlanta.

Which Nail Varnishes will Sephora be stocking?

Katie: Almost all! We know how much you are all loving the Nail Varnishes, so it was a big priority of ours to stock as many of these fabulous colours as possible - twenty four in total, including the legendary Phallic, revered Baptiste and kooky cool Milf!

I'm hearing reports that Illamasqua will be launching at 5 Times Square on the 30th July yet I'm also hearing it's the 31st - I want to come to the launch!

Jennifer: Our products will be available to buy in 5 Times Square from the 30th July - but this a Thursday and everybody knows that launch parties are always better on Friday nights and so that is the 'official' launch date! Don't forget, it's the Sephora Flagship launch too, so there will be plenty going on. If you can get down, do! I will be there with a couple of the London artists so come and say hi!

Will you be coming to Canada anytime soon?

Kate: The plan was always to roll out to the USA and then consider the rest of the world. As it stands, there are no plans to bring Illamasqua to Canada, but then things have been happening so quickly that you could never rule it out!

Will Sephora.com be shipping to Canada?

Alex: This is a decision for Sephora and not Illamasqua. We ship to Canada on our online shop at www.illamasqua.com/store however it is best to contact Sephora directly about where they will be shipping too, sorry.

What will the prices be like?

Jennifer: The prices will be similar to the UK - approximately $20 a Powder Eye Shadow, $24 for a Pure Pigment and $19 for a Sheer or Intense Lipgloss.

Will you be stocking the more daring colours of the Illamasqua range, for example Repulse, Torrid or Gender Intense Lipgloss?

Katie: As much as we would have liked to, we couldn't stock the entire range. After weeks of umm-ing and ahh-ing, we came up with a SKU list that we feel reflects the brands ethos and values as unique, individual and daring but also inkeeping with the philosophy of Sephora.

Will the Sirens collection be available?

Alex: Only in New York, as by the time the rest of our roll out begins, it will be time for our Autumn Winter collection! We will be incorporating some of the Sirens collection into our core range, though, so you will all be able to try out Liquid Metal in Solstice and Enrapture [as if you haven't already!] as well as one of the Bronzing Duos and the Nail Varnishes in Lament [my favourite!] and Muse.

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