22 July 2009

Let The Swatching Recommence!

Today I went and bought a replacement camera after the sad demise of the last one, so I have a lot of swatch requests to catch up on!

We also have an update on the website swatches - we are working on it. I have asked several people for their feedback [leave a comment below if you have any ideas] on how we can improve it and we are currently in discussions on this topic.

I am looking for a berry coloured lipgloss - please help!

'Berry' has always been a questionable colour shade for me - similar to 'nude' or 'taupe' - it depends on what you define as berry, so I hope that the below helps.

Below is Intense Lipgloss in 'Fierce' - as you can see this is a bold, quite bright purple-plum shade that I think would look great on both porcelain and black skin tones. As you can see, it covers all elements of natural lip colour and replaces it with a very bold purple.

This is a swatch of Intense Lipgloss in 'Move' - one of my favourites. In the photo below it looks a little bluer than it truly is. Again, I think this is a shade that is most impactful on either very porcelain skin or more olive skin tones.

The next photo is with a flash on as I think it does Sheer Lipgloss in 'Tantrum' the best justice - it really enhances the slight shimmer aspect of the gloss and is a very fresh purple/ pink with plenty of pigment for a sheer lipgloss! I also find this is very buildable, and looks lovely over bright pinks to 'tone them down' a little, or if you just want to add a bit of sparkle.

It remind me of Boysenberry butter [see below]!

The last berry I wanted to show you is Lipstick in 'Resist'. I know this isn't a Lipgloss, but it's my favourite lip colour at the moment and a really great transitional colour - by that I mean it looks bright and fresh with a Summer tan but also has that wine/ berry undertone that would make it really great for Autumn.


  1. Alex,

    At the very least, could you write a description of the color? For example: Move is a dusky raspberry, etc...


  2. ive got fierce, it does exactly what it says on the tin! be intense and fierce! :P

  3. I recently purchased the Intense Lip Gloss in "follow" which I ADORE. I think I might have to try out "move" now as it looks adorable!

    Thanks so much for the swatches :)

  4. *Adds Move, Tantrum & Resist to wishlist* GREAT swatches!!

  5. Those are some yummy-looking glosses! I'd love to see some pics of the blushers, both cream and powder :)

    Re the swatch issues, descriptions of the shades would be really helpful and maybe taking close-up pics of the products themselves so as to get a proper idea of the colours would be good? Just my thoughts!


  6. i love my fierce lipgloss, but i'm not sure what kind of other make up to use with it. pale base? neutral eyes? matte blush? too many options...

  7. The colors are pretty. Showing them on darker skin would help too. So many of us see colors we like and don't purchase because we don't know how they look on us. If you included these images it would be great. Thanks.


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