13 July 2009

Competition Finalists!

The second bi-monthly Illamasqua/ Mizzworthy competition has come to a close and Mizzworthy and our lovely Selfridges Trafford make-up artist Krystle have picked out six finalists. Alex Box, currently in Paris shooting with Karl Lagerfeld - will be picking a winner and that winner will be announced tomorrow!

Here are all the wonderful finalists... congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered the Myth and Legends competition!

First up is Swirledpeacat who, according to Mizzworthy, is relatively new too blogging - so hello! I love this ethereal entry...

Next we have the beautiful Belle du Jour's entry, based on the Goddess Hera, wife and sister [ew] of the God Zeus [known as Jupiter and Juno to the Ancient Romans].

I also love this from UnicornSmile as one of the original Femme Fatales: Medusa.

See below for Amyallensworld's entry - inspired by the Native American myth of Spider Grandmother. Ten out of ten for originality!

Another Medusa entry from 132nd Street - a very different take but no less powerful! There were several really inspired looks from this blogger - do check them out.

Last, but not least, a Succubus [a demon who takes the form of an attractive woman to seduce men] inspired look from The Makeup Piggy. Again, plenty of entries from this blogger - all wonderfully creative and innovative.

As I'm sure you'll agree, it must have been pretty difficult to whittle down the entries. If anyone has ideas for the next competition installment, write in the comments section!

We also have a really, really great money-can't-buy prize for the next competition... stay tuned!

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