23 July 2009

Ask An Artist: Halimah

Back by popular demand, I asked Halimah of Selfridges Oxford Street to answer the following question:

I have black skin - I match very well with 325 in your foundations - and am looking for a great Cream Blusher to wear.

"I think that 'Ravish' and 'Devour' Cream Blushers are amazing. Start with the Highlighter Brush just behind the apples of the cheek and the blend outwards, covering the apples and up towards the cheekbones.

'Ravish' is the left shade - a cutesy colour that can be blended out very easily for a barely there hint of colour, perfect for every day.

You can see here how it is very wearable wine shade with red undertones. I have tried to blend out the colour in the swatch so you can see how it would look with a subtle application and a more intense application.

'Devour' is a lot more striking, but looks incredible on skintones that match 325, 330 and 340. This is a soft red with subtle orange undertones.

I also recommend using these colours on the lips - they are very hydrating and dewy!"

To book a lesson with Halimah, call 0207 318 3788. To view her bio, click here.

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