02 July 2009

New Powdered Metals!

Revel in an intense radiance that no one can ignore. Step into the limelight and demand to be noticed...

The Sirens collection shoot was shot in January, 2009. After creating some stunning and unique looks on the models, Alex Box turned her attentions to the models bodies in order to create luminous, radiant, shimmering skin. After an age of hand crushing the Powder Eye Shadow in 'Moonflower', Liquid Metal in 'Solstice', Pure Pigments 'Furore' and 'Marvel' and blending them together, she started to mix them in a pot and took the result to Katie, our Product Development Manager.

Katie loved the idea behind them and after briefing our supplier, whittled down the samples to three gorgeous, dazzling metallic loose powders. They are a complete hybrid of textures; satiny, smooth and yet subtly shimmering [without that glittery look, that I personally despise!] and they last ages, too - I wore 'Thalia' on the Underground last night in 30 degree + heat and it didn't transfer all over the seat and was still there at the other end, unlike my hair which was stuck to my forehead and back of my neck. Ew.

We also wanted to keep the theme of the Sirens when it came to naming the products, definitely one of my favourite parts of the development process!

Erzule – Voodoo Goddess of beauty – Golden bronze with a brown under-tone [great for Olive and black skin tones]

Thalia – Greek Goddess of poetry – Warm bronze with a gold under-tone [looks beautiful on medium skin tones]

Bebhionn – Irish Goddess of pleasure – Light bronze with a pink under-tone [beautiful on pale skin]

The official launch for this product, in all stores and online, is 13th July. However, lucky Selfridges Trafford will have an exclusive and will launch a week earlier! Adam Sidwell will be up to demonstrate the product on two gorgeous models [one boy, one girl] who will be dressed as exotic Sirens...


  1. sounds gorgeous! Bebhionn will be mine! thanks as always for catering for us paleys too!

  2. How much are they going to be?

  3. Just emailed you :)

    Can not wait to try this product out when I pop on over to London!

  4. Can these be used on the face as well, or are they too shimmery ?

  5. MUST buy! Will it be launched in Charles Fox that day (13th) too?

  6. @ em - you're welcome!

    @ Yinka - They will be RRP £22

    @ Swarovski - No, it will be on our counters only, sorry!

    @ Replica - These can definitely be used on face as well as body! They are gorgeous smudged on cheekbones!


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