08 July 2009

Product of the Week: Liquid Metal in Solstice

There were only so many Product of the Week's I could write without mentioning the cult Liquid Metal in Solstice! This has become the fastest selling product in our entire collection - within five days of the Sirens collection launching in Selfridges London, it had sold out and we were urgently restocking it... we then launched Sirens online after the next delivery and promptly sold out there within forty eight hours, too!

This product has also been featured in editorial magazines from Nylon, Japanese and British Vogue, Look, Grazia and Tatler.

So what makes this product so special? Well, for those of you who do not own it or have it on your wish list, I will let other bloggers explain for you [click on the quote to go to the blog]...

"my latest obsession is Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Solstice... It's the richest, gold cream shadow and it's multi-purpose."

"The pigments are the richest I've ever encountered, the assortment of jaw-dropping colours... and the textures are so creamy, velvety and luxurious that time stands still when you're at the counter. Can't you just feel my excitement! I can't speak highly enough of this brand and it keeps getting better..."

"I LOVE Solstice and am so glad I have it in my collection as it's one of the few unique products that I own within my make up stash!"

From my point of view, the reason this product has been so successful is:

Texture: I have yet to find a product that feels like this - it is a perfect balance between cream and gloss. It picks up the light in a way that suggests it has shimmer particles, but does not feel at all grainy.

Blendability: The Liquid Metals were formulated for use all over the face and body - eyes, lips, cheeks, body... and for a product this versatile you need to be able to blend it out where you need it! I have mixed it with body lotion and used it to add a slight shimmer but then I've also used it with an eye liner brush to get a really concentrated line...

Colour: The perfect gold - not too yellow, not too green, not too dark.

Collection: It's the hero product of the Sirens collection and was used on lips, eyes, cheeks and body in the photo shoot to highlight the versatility of the product.

The good news is that this product has just landed at our warehouse and we are busy readying it for the stores and for the Internet store! Get yourselves on the wishlist and I will blog about it once it goes live. It will also be available to ship internationally as well as in the EU!

* Thanks to Yinka for the swatch of Solstice *


  1. I agree.. it is my favourite product. I use it all the time (which i never thought i would) and now its half empty.

    I love both but Solstice is my favourite!!

  2. As soon as this is back in stock I'm placing an order. I hesitated to buy it when it first came out because I thought the texture would be like the MAC Metal X cream eyeshadows, but the liquid metal is much less greasy than the MAC Metal X.

    Have you done the medium pencils as a product of the week yet? These are fantastic - love Vow for brightening up the waterline.

  3. I LOVE soltice, its very versatile! Check my blog soon, I'm going to experiment with this product.



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