03 July 2009

Powdered Metal Play Time!

The lovely Daniel has popped in to the Office today. He is one half of our training team [the other being the lovely Adam, both based in Selfridges Oxford Street] and is in to discuss the latest addition to the Sirens collection - the Powdered Metals -and how we can communicate it with the rest of our teams across the UK and Ireland!

This is always a really creative exercise; we want to be able to demonstrate the versatility of the product and a number of ways it can be used. As you all no doubt know by now, our ethos at Illamasqua is a strong belief that make-up application should be about free artistic license and creativity, so we are experimenting with ways to use the Powdered Metals. As I wrote below, they were born out of a necessity for a body product but it's great to be able to have a product that can be used in multiple ways.

'Erzule' looks gorgeous on olive and black tones, but also if you want an intense, temporary shot of bronzing - above is a pic of my arm to demonstrate - bottom arm doesn't have anything on and the top arm has 'Erzule' on - as you can see its quite a nice difference - and because the undertone is brown, and not red, there is no likelihood of looking orange! Always a worry with us pale skins! See below for a pic of 'Erzule' on Crispian - sorry again Cris!

I currently have 'Bebhionn' in my hair - it makes it a slightly pinky/ gold colour with a shot of subtle shimmer - the below photograph isn't picking it up as I had hoped - that would look amazing in the sunshine we have been enjoying here in London.

Daniel has remarked how 'Thalia' looks like a warmer version of the Pure Pigment 'Furore', which is my second favourite pigment [after 'Involve, of course!] and Kate has been experimenting by mixing it with Sheer Lipgloss in 'Brilliant' - it looks a bit like 'Utopia' Lipstick.

Above is 'Thalia' photographed with flash...

And above without flash...

These products can be used on both face and body and I'm sure our resident experimental Selfridges Oxford Street artist Amanda will be swiping it over her nails, too!

If you want to get on the waiting list for this product, just call your local counter or apply online - this feature will be added soon!


  1. oooooohhhhh my gosh I can't wait to grab hold of one of these!!!!

  2. Wow - they look fantastic! like a pot of crushed precious goodness ♥
    I LOVE it in your hair - fabulous!


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