27 August 2009

Introducing: Powder Eye Shadow in Machine

The latest product from Dystopia that I am going to show you is a new Powder Eye Shadow - with a twist.

This product is a black Powder Eye Shadow with glitter in it - so technically this is a brand, spanking new texture from Illamasqua! 'Machine' has a very buildable base, meaning it can look dark grey when first applied or layered up for a true, intense black. The glitter means the colour catches the light beautifully - glitter does not have to mean an overdose of shimmer. I think it looks a lot more impactful because of the matt texture of the Eye Shadow.

I have paired it here with the new Liquid Metal in 'Phenomena'. I love to mix up textures and begun with a dewy base of Light Liquid Foundation topped off with a touch of Press Powder [this camera is so good that it tends to make my face look like an oil slick!] and pressed in a little Cream Blusher in 'Seduce'.

For the eyes, I used a base of Cream Eye Shadow in 'Amorous', a lovely grey/ aubergine that acts well as a base for heavy eye colour. I then smudged 'Phenomena' into the inner corner and across half of the lid and then built up 'Machine' around the outer corner and through the socket. These products blended really easily together and I really liked the finish look.

I went to the gym this morning and left my make-up kit at home [not really a problem when you work at Illamasqua, but annoying all the same!] and have been mascara-less all day. I think this look actually looks great without mascara as it keeps the focus on the texture of the shadows with no long black lashes in the way!

Dystopia will be available for pre order from the 3rd September at www.illamasqua.com


  1. Wow that looks gorgeous, I love how you've worn it xx

  2. will it be available in the US, too?

  3. OMG - These posts have me drooling Alex!

  4. Hey Mizz - can I call ya mizz :p - they are looking good, huh! You'll see them all soon!

    Bernadette - it won't be available in Sephora but we will be shipping to the US, as always, through the online shop

  5. Gorgeous look, I can't wait to check out the full collection! :)


  6. Hi!

    I'm very very pale (you can't imagine it.lol) and I've never found the perfect foundation.
    I'm from Spain...is it possible to order a sample to UK o somewhere...to prove it on my face?? I don't want do it wrong again.


  7. I'm in love with the color - I'm always drawn to dark, gray-black shades! Hopefully it'll be available at my local Sephora (:

    La C.

  8. When is the new collection being released...dying on the inside waiting in anticipation....

  9. Can't wait for this collection to come out! I am super excited.


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