03 August 2009

Product of the Week: Bronzing Duos

Exude after-dark glamour with Illamasqua Bronzing duos... be a bronzed goddess of the night

The bronzing duos are part of the Spring Summer 09 Sirens collection and have been extremely popular due to the softness of the product and the versatility of the product. By that, I mean that Glint looks gorgeous as an eye highlighter, or below the brown bone and for a soft shimmering shadow, the bronze shade looks lovely.

Each compact includes 'Glint' - a shimmering highlighter - and a choice of two bronzing shades, which contain crushed pearl powder for a smooth, even and long-lasting finish.

'Writhe' is the lighter of the two bronze shades and is suitable for pale to medium complexions, whilst 'Burnish' has been created with olive and black skintones in mind. To demonstrate the product as best I could, I used 'Writhe' under my cheekbones and across my temples and 'Glint' to highlight my cheekbones.

These colours can be used seperately, as I have shown above, or mixed together, as I have shown below. This gives the bronzer a gold-hue as 'Glint' has hints of gold in it. The reason I love this bronzer so much is because there are a variety of ways to wear it and create different looks to suit your mood. They also build up really nicely so you can go from sun kissed glow during the day to a more contoured, structured look at night. Also, because the colours are actually in seperate godets, this means they won't blend together and become one.

**Thanks to Toomuchblush for the product images**


  1. Glint/writhe duo is my HG bronzer - I love it! In fact I love it so much, I bought a back up! xxx

  2. I have these in both colours and believe me when i say they are beautiful. What i like best about them compared with other bronzers is that Illamasqua make alot of matte shades, so to have this one with shimmer makes everything appear - better - softer. I like to wash them over the cheeks in a arc (mixing both shades together) then use the highlighter on its own for the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and under and above the eyebrows. Gorgeous.

  3. Hubba, hubba, Alex... You look smokin'! Love the way you placed the colors on your cheeks, and now I have to add this to my wishlish, since I was expecting it wouldn't work on my fair skin. You're evil. ;)


  4. I've ordered this bronzer along with a few other things and now I've seen this I cannot wait to play with it.

  5. I just love glint/writhe! I'm a paley and it is one of very few bronzers that works for me. fair boys and girls, definitely check it out! and the highlight is fantastic too, it gives a great sheen rather than obvious shimmer. love!


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