13 August 2009

Nail Art Competition in Association With Sophy Robson

Calling all nail addicts! Been feeling a bit left out of the Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua Alter Ego make-up competitions? Fancy showing us your nail alter ego and be in with the chance of having your work seen by top nail artist Sophy Robson?

Then start getting your ideas together to win some fabulous Illamasqua Nail Varnishes that the Nail World has been going crazy for...

FEAR NOT if you have untidy cuticles or a slightly wonky hand [like me!] as this competition is being judged on creativity and artistic flair as opposed to technique and professionalism.

So How Do You Win?

Sophy and I want to see inspired and creative works that reveal your alter ego - either through your hand nails or toe nails [or both!] and with a brief introduction to yourself and why this look is your alter ego! For example, are you normally a pretty-in-pink princess?! How about unleashing your inner vixen with black and blood red talons?


1. To enter, go to the Illamasqua Blog and post the entries in the comments section of the competition page [top right of blog page] with a link to entry. Entries can be submitted in video format on Youtube or can be a blog post, or just a link to the image with some details as to what you used and what your inspirations were. Alternatively, email me directly [please put Nail Art Entry into the subject] at info@illamasqua.com and I will put together a blog post of all entries that I receive through email.

2. The edgier, the more unique and the more creative and adventurous the better! Let us know the inspiration behind the look, too!

3. You don’t have to use Illamasqua products for this competition – but please list what you do use – this can include konad stamps or any other product you may have at your disposal.

4. The competition is open internationally.

5. Entries can use nails on their hands, feet or both.

6. You can enter a maximum of three different looks for this competition.

7. The competition will run from Thursday 13th August 2009 to the 6th September 2009 [midday UK time] so plenty of time to get your thinking caps on!

8. There will be a short list compiled on the 6th September and these will be shown on the blog on the 7th September. Sophy Robson will then choose a winner that will be detailed on the blog by the 16th September.

9. The winners will be notified and the winning looks will appear on the Illamasqua website and blog. Prizes will be sent out within the week to all winning

What Are The Prizes?

As well as getting world renowned nail artist Sophy Robson to view and assess your work, you could win...

1st Prize of the two brand new Autumn Winter collection nail varnishes + choice of two others from core range...

Two runners up win the 2nd Prize of choice of three varnishes from core range...

When Can I Enter?

From now until the 6th September! The winners will be announced on the 17th September, so plenty of time to unleash your alter ego and get entering!


  1. On a daily basis I'm wrapped in plain jeans, black shirt's, and some sneaker's. I only get dressed up if it's required and still I fade to black. Makeup is simple. So for my elter ego would to go all out and be bright and fancy with patterns and glitz. So I did my nails bright pink (NYC flamingo). I mixed the flamingo pink with a french manicure color and got a cotton candy pink. I used a purple NYC color it's lilac and Stripe rite in glitter and in white. I also used some huge rhinestones, deco piece's for the 3-d look and smaller gens for a shine.


  2. I'm not huge into makeup, and I don't do much with my hair, but I always have a flawless manicure - I guess my nails kind of always express my alter ego, even if it changes from a conservative look & color to something wilder like this. This look built itself, after I chose the base color the color for the design came naturally, and after I chose that it was easy to pick an image plate.

    You can see the look in this post on my blog

  3. I am just a nice and calm girl who does not want to be in the front line and boast, I am just too reserved to do that. But nail art is my newly discovered passion where I can set my alter ego free and be creative.

    Here are just a few suggestions of my work:

    (violet miaw with konad m57, essence multi dimension dress to party, konad violet pearl special polish)

    (twisted and turned double water marbling with OPI nail polishes: Alpine Snow, Nicole's Alert and Strawberry Margharita)

    (dark and delicious gradient manicure with a sponge: oriflame long wear nail polish, black cherries and orchid)

    My nail polish collection is still a bit small, but I am working on it:)

  4. It was kind of late last night - I just realized I linked to the main page of my blog instead of the correct post - here's a direct link:


  5. Here is my entries:


    OPI Princesses rule! and Manglate The death tar.


    Essie Princess pink, konad plates m36 and m56.


    OPI La paz-itively hot

  6. I try to come up with nail designs every now & then...i don't have konad, so i just make use of what i have with me.

    THIS would be my first entry

    I don't actually have an inspiration when i do nails..often times i try to do random designs thats why on my past nail designs i can just interchange it..like THIS

    randomness makes things fun!

  7. Hi, here is my entry I just posted on my blog:


    The blog entry explains my alter ego!

    Thank you (^^*)

  8. Hello ! Here's my contribution :

    Maybelline Mirror polish
    China Glaze Awakening with sponge
    Black Konad drawing

    Good luck to all !

  9. Here you go....!


    Helen x

  10. So, the first one... maybe I make a second and a third too. :-)

    Punk Princess - Because I can be good an evil. ;-)


  11. I'd like to enter 3 designs:

  12. I'd like to enter with 3 designs:


  13. Hi,

    Other than nail art, my other love is pole dancing (in a class not as a performer).

    My alter ego is explained in the blog post =)


    well done everyone!

  14. Here are my 2nd & 3rd entries ... both of which I think surpass my first =)

    Some fun with a funky blue french tip: http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/2009/08/notd-diva-inspired.html

    And my all-time favorite Konad EVER: http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/2009/08/notd-swirly-goodness-aka-best-konad.html

  15. My second entry is inspired by the evil cat inside me. ;-)


  16. Here's my 2nd entry : my 1st water marble, with the 3 polishes of collection Essie Loves Diamonds (by Judith Ripka)


  17. Thought I'd give this a go - my name ought to be directly linked to the entry. :)

  18. I figured I would throw my hat in the ring with this:


    I'm pretty new to nail art - I lost my job in June, so I figured, why not try something new and out there since I don't have to be in an office where things have to be kept somewhat conservative! I went out and bought some paintbrushes and started practicing, and this design was all manual - it took a lot of trial and error to get the vines right and not smudge the flowers, and completed it late into the night at 3am!

    I didn't even know what Konad was until last night!

    Orly's Beverly Hills Manicure in Sheer white tips for the base; ZN 2 way pen for the leaves, and Goldie's Pansy for the flowers.

  19. I'm all about bright and vivid nail polish, the more bling, the more I like it. So, for my alter ego, I went a little bit muted, and did a purple rose design on a purple background, and used a matte top coat.

    You can see my entry here in my livejournal, with details of what I used to create this look.

  20. So and now my third and last entry.

    I'm inspired by Coffee because I would not make one day without it. =D


  21. Hello and thanks for the contest, I want to enter to designs right now and possibly more later. The first is located here and the way I feel and why I feel it is an alter ego is in this post:

    The second design I did and loved how it turned out. I am generally a quite shy person and sometimes want to branch out and live on the edge and do things really wild. This look is an example of the wild side I wish I could sometimes show to others. I call it neon tiger stripes:

    Thank you

  22. Okay, with the deadline approaching, I have more pictures to share...

    You can see my bling vs pastel entry here: http://originalwacky.livejournal.com/70667.html

    And I have a Naughty/Nice entry here: http://originalwacky.livejournal.com/70485.html

    I guess those are my three entries! Thank you for doing this, I've had a blast playing with different ideas!

  23. My entries can be found on my blog, here:


    Thank you for the contest. I had a blast coming up with things to do for this.

  24. Here's my alter ego: gunslinger


  25. My second look:


    I didn't leave an email for the first look, Gunslinger

    It's lacquerlaine@gmail.com

  26. Alter Ego Look # 1

    My first look is inspired by playing cards, poker, and Las Vegas (and the gambling scene). This look represents the more daring side of my personality. The side that gambles and takes chances more so and likes taking risks. Normally I am a girl who takes her time deciding about things and waying out the outcomes. I admire the part of me that won't stop every time before making a decision and likes to sometimes just go with what she feels like. For this look I drew on diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades onto my nails. I was very pleased with the overall outcome. The grey base is Illamsqua Nail Varnish in DWS. The shapes were created by using Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pens in Red and Black. The top coat is Nail Tek Quicken by the way.


    Alter Ego Look #2

    This look represents the more edgy myself, who is daring, a little out of sorts, and doesn't care what others think about her. This look is also inspired by free-formed paint brush strokes used in abstract paintings. The look features matte nails using Essie's Matte about you. The original color is OPI Kinky in Helsinki. The scribbled part was done using a Sally Hansen nail art pen in black.


    Thanks!(hopefully this gets posted the first time i tried it didn't work)

  27. OMG, i just like the nails design. it is very cute that you could fit images in the nails even though they are so small. love it!

    Smith | surgical instruments

  28. Fantastic! I like these very much.


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