14 August 2009

Swatch Request

Sarah has emailed us to ask for a swatch using Lipstick in 'Liar'.

As with the majority of our lipsticks, this is a very matt finish with a high level of pigmentation.

I have never really been able to pull of this kind of 60s pale pink - I am much more at home with a shocking pink or orange gloss on my lips! However, I am trying my best here - I think this colour works best with light skin tones but can also pack a punch on darker skins for a real contrast. If you have naturally red lips, this will cover that fully. Great for a 60's vibe that is not too nude.

To make this colour more 'me', I used Medium Pencil in 'Bait' under 'Liar' - this brightened it up and made it more of a luminous baby pink.


  1. Thank you very much! :-D x

  2. Ooo that looks gorgeous! How similar would you say it is to Fable? xx

  3. I love this but would like to see how it works with my skin tone. I usually only do DARK dramatic eyes with a light lip... and would like to see how this pink works :(

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