12 August 2009

Welcome to Jennifer!

We have a new team member at Illamasqua - say hi to Jennifer! Jennifer is heading up our Sephora account and will split her time between New York and London.

Jennifer was fortunate enough to be at the Sephora Times Square launch a couple of weeks ago, with Daniel and Adam from Selfridges Oxford St - they went to oversee the launch and to meet and greet some customers - I know some of you got to meet them!

Sephora is a very different retail environment than Selfridges, Debenhams and Fenwick in that there are no artists dedicated to one brand, so whilst the team were out there they met the Sephora Pro Team to educate and inform them of Illamasqua; who we are, what we represent and what products we make!

The Sephora Pro Team were really excited about the brand and according to Jennifer, there was much whooping involved at the end of the presentation! She sent me along this photograph and I will keep you all updated on the new from the USA as Jennifer keeps me in the loop on it all.

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