04 August 2009

An Audience With... Anja Huwe

Anja Huwe is one third of the Illamasqua Art Team and both an iconic musician and hugely talented contemporary artist.

Born in Germany, Anja was the lead singer and front-woman of German band Xmal Deutschland and significantly influenced the avant-garde days of the European New Wave Culture.

Anja now lives between Hamburg and New York, although her artistic work takes her all over the world. She describes her art as an explorations into the sound of different colours, rhythms and harmonies.

I grabbed a quick minute with her and put forward some questions I had been wanting to ask her...

Alex: Colour has become a huge part of your life of late - both through your work at Illamasqua and in your paintings - can you explain to us how you 'listen' to colour?

Anja: While I am working on a painting, my inner eye 'shows' me music, sounds and rhythms. This is called Synaethesia – a neuronal cross-linking of the senses. A certain arrangement of colours and, in my case, dots [for many viewers a very abstract way of expression] is the ultimate 'sound'; the essence of music that I discovered by accident.

Alex: Wow. So do you think that Illamasqua can ever extend it's brand message through channels other than make-up?

Anja: Sure – from music to fashion and art exhibitions; all is possible!

Alex: Out of all the Illamasqua products you could have named after yourself, you chose a pale blue Powder Eye Shadow. Can you explain your choice?

Anja: My choice of calling an eye shadow 'Anja' is simply based on the fact that many people are fascinated by the colour of my eyes. Light blue is Anja – Anja is light blue.

Alex: We have already discussed the meaning of Illamasqua on this blog - what does the word Illamasqua mean to you?

Anja: Myths and masks!

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  1. It means finally a cosmetic brand that speaks to men and women.


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