05 August 2009

Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua Competition!

Wow, has it really been two months since we launched the last one?! To refresh your memory on the previous winners, click here.

So, we have a brand new theme this time of...

The Rules [copied from Mizzworthy]

There will be two categories for the contest - ie Superheroes and villains.

You can enter either or both categories. After a lot of discussion, we have decided to continue to allow people to enter as many times as they like, however, please remember that your favourite look that you have created may not necessarily be the one that myself and Krystle choose to go through to the finalists. If similar issues arise as did with the last contest as a result of our decision, we may be forced to reassess this, and limit everyone to one entry, which we really don't want to do!

The contest is about makeup, not costumes - you don't need to go out hiring a costume or anything like that!

Your entry may either be in the form of a blog post or a video on you tube - if you decide to do a video entry, then please also email me stills for judging purposes

Your entry should be your interpretation of a hero or a villain, your look must be original. In your entry, please tell us a bit about your hero/villain, about any superpowers that have and what led you to the look you have created. You don't need to go into massive detail, but we love to know about what inspires people!

When you have completed your entry, please post a response below to let me know, and make sure I acknowledge your entry by commenting back - feel free to harass me til I do this! I do not want to miss anyones hard work!

Use any products you like, and tell us about what you used (ie you do not have to use Illamasqua!)

Its fine to use a willing volunteer if you do not wish to be photographed yourself, however, the look MUST have been created by you.

The contest is open internationally

Please make sure you subscribe to the blog.

The contest will close at midnight UK time on friday the 4th September (which is slightly more than 1 month!).

Finalists will be selected by myself and Krystal - the winners will then be chosen by Alex Box, who has kindly agreed to be the final judge! Winners will be announced approx a week later. Judges decisions are final!

Final prizes to be announced, there will be ONE winner in Each Category - ie one SuperHero and one Villain, but each will win some lovely makeup of their choice from Illamasqua...

Prizes To Be Announced shortly! Get entering people and I will post my entry at the weekend!


  1. im so looking forward to this. im starting tomorrow.

  2. Oh, I don't want to miss this one! Thinking already!

  3. this looks so fun! Awesome idea!!

    Sara www.themakeupsnob.com

  4. Ooohhh I think I'll enter this one! ;-)

  5. cant wait to see all your entries!

  6. searching to create !
    hummm villain or heroe, or both ?


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