18 August 2009

A Time To Reflect

I have been location scouting in Soho today, as we have an event coming up that needs to be as fabulous as our Autumn Winter collection. I cannot believe that it is getting so close to launch time!

Launching a new collection is never easy - how some brands launch 12 a year is unbelievable! After the initial idea has been discussed and evaluated between Alex Box and the Head Office team, Katie and Alex will spend several days locked away discussing colours, textures influences and product stories, from samples sent by our suppliers.

The initial samples will then be approved or sent back with comprehensive notes on how we think they can be improved or how they can fit the collection better. After all the samples have been approved, Katie and Alex will take a look at palettes and what colours will create an interesting yet unique combination.

After this process? Naming the products of course! This is always good fun and there are many rejects until [corny as it sounds...] the name just fits.

Once the final products are all sorted, then our PR team will come to take a look and have a meeting with Kate, Katie and Alex to understand the collection, the fundamental inspiration and to 'have a play' with them all to get a good idea of the texture and the looks that can be achieved.

The next stage [and this stage concluded about a fortnight ago...] is to consider the collection campaign. Models, hairdresser, photographer, stylist, location... all these individuals have to 'get' the idea behind the collection and be working towards the same goal - it's an extremely creative environment and there was plenty of working on instinct at the shoot.

Since the shoot, we have been whittling down the number of photographs taken [literally, hundreds] to about a dozen to use in the final campaign, for Point of Sale, advertising, leaflets, postcards, product books, website, duratrans...

So this is the stage we are at now! The deadline we are working towards is the beginning of September when all the blood, sweat and tears [I'm so dramatic...!] will be out for you all to see...


  1. I have no idea where to post this, so I am doing so here:
    Can you PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE swatch the cream foundations? I am looking at ordering some items, but want to see these shades first!
    Thank you ^_^

  2. hey guys,
    I love your promo pictures...why don't we have illamasqua here in Italy? :(

    if you need someone to test the new products, and review, I volunteer! :D
    I'd love to try your products, everyone in the UK and Canada is raving about them!

    Check out my blog if you wish, and good luck with the new launch!!

  3. omg! that does sound like alot of work. How do other brands put out collections monthly~

    Thanks for all the hard work though! We appreciate it! :)


  4. Thank you so much for providing this amazing inside look into the inner workings of the brand. As a consumer, beauty blogger, and lover of cosmetics, I definitely appreciate all the hard work you put into everything!

  5. As a consumer you really don't understand how much goes into just one collection launch.
    How on earth do the likes of MAC release 2-3 new collection every month is behond me (mind you the strain is starting to show).
    How many collection does Illamaqua release every year?
    Is it just a Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter release?

  6. it sounds so exciting and creative (and tiring lol). I can't wait for the new collection, it sounds fab so far xo

  7. Wow that sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see what the A/W collection looks like!

    On a side note please could you do a swatch comparison for your 7 illumators?

  8. @ Siany and Naomi - we are going to be a major swatching sesh this afternoon! Stay tuned!


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