25 August 2009

Introducing: Nail Varnish in Obsess

Every day this week I will be leaking details on the Dystopia collection so today I present to you all one of the new Nail Varnishes; 'Obsess'. This fabulous colour was inspired, in part, by Kate - Marketing and Product Director.

After wearing 'Boosh' [our glossy black Nail Varnish] and 'DWS' [the cement grey creme] on her fingers all winter, she moved on to 'Grab' [a pinkish grape creme] this summer and also 'Collide' [an eye wateringly neon pink] and whilst loving them both, wished she could increase the vibrancy of 'Grab' without the in-your-face brightness of 'Collide'... result? A colour to Obsess about!

It's perfect for winter as it still has the attitude of 'Collide' but with the autumnal feel of 'Grab' - a perfect mix of the two.

The Dystopia collection will be available for pre-order online from September 3rd 2009.


  1. I will be getting that for sure, Illamasqua is gonna make me broke, lol.

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  3. I'd love wearing this for fall...forget all the merlot or black varnishes..having this on the nails while wearing an all black ensemble...Meoow! Too bad most of these items probably won't be released in the US will they? :(

  4. Very exciting! I can't wait to see the rest!

  5. well it is now the 5th of september in the uk and i cannot preorder any of these new items..:(


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