15 June 2009

Box News Flash!

Box News Flash! will aim to update you all with the fabulous fast-paced life of the incomparable Ms Box!

For the past week, Alex has been fretting over the final details of her book with uber-photographer Rankin… but more on that later ;-)

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, Alex has been working on a photo shoot for a well known fashion glossy with Emmanuelle Seigner and world renowned photographer Dusan Reljin near Waterloo bridge. “It’s great fun – Dusan and James [Rowe, the hairdresser] are larking about with my lipsticks at the moment!” remarks Alex. “Dusan is refusing to take it off!” Check out Alex's camera phone photo below for proof...!

Lipstick in 'Corrupt' was his colour of choice. James Rowe prefers a Medium Pencil in 'Spell' for a bright red lip...
Alex created a flawless base for Emmanuelle using Rich Liquid Foundation and Pressed Powder. To illuminate an otherwise matt base, Alex used Illuminator in 'Halcyon' to attract the light to Emmanuelle’s cheekbones. Illamasqua has a horde of red lip products to suit every skin colour and tone, but Alex’s favourite is a true ‘London bus’ red that is named 'Box' in honour of it’s number one fan! Alex used this colour on Emmanuelle’s lips and created a strong line using Medium Pencil in 'Feisty'.

This week, we have also had Alex in the Office to take a look at our closely-guarded Autumn Winter collection for finalising of product names and to have a photo shoot brainstorm. Which models? What looks? Hair? Clothes? Location? There is so much involved in creating a campaign and Alex works with us at every stage. We will keep you updated on the developments of this exciting collection.

Alex will be flying to Monaco for a shoot with Karl Lagerfeld this week. Let's see if she can get him to slick on a bit of lip colour - I reckon 'Pristine', our jet black Lipstick would be his colour...!

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  1. ah, what a life!!

    ooh I can't wait for hear details of the autumn collection! It's the one real time of the year where it makes sense for us aussies to be wearing the same collection as our friends in the opposite hemisphere since it's winter here during that time. Sometimes I can't help but feel like a dumbarse for wearing summery stuff in winter or icey toned stuff in summer, it just doesn't always feel right! did that even make sense?!


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