29 June 2009

Ask An Artist: Jonathan

Today I put forward a customer question to Jonathan, our Retail Operations Manager and formerly Business Manager at Selfridges, Oxford Street [so he really knows his stuff!]

What kind of colours are Abandon and Melt? It's not very clear on your Website - Clare

First off, I'd like to say that we have listened to all feedback in regards to our online swatches - we know they are not all 100% accurate and we are working on ways to improve this as soon as possible to help everyone make the best choices, as well as recommendations from the products and/or links to this blog and others to provide you with as much information as possible. I know how frustrating it can be to buy a product from abroad and for it to be different to how you envisioned. This is a priority for us and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Secondly, both 'Abandon' and 'Melt' make up part of our Shimmer Lipstick collection - they are still hyper pigmented but without the matt finish that the majority of our Lipsticks have. I'll let Jonathan tell you more:

"'Abandon' is a really unique colour - it's a pale silvery lilac with a slightly pinky gold undertone. This colour looks lovely on pale skins or those with cool undertones - it also looks lovely smudged across cheekbones for a hint of shimmering pinky colour.

'Melt' is a warmer colour - it's a similar texture and finish to 'Abandon' and is a lovely pale bronze/ gold. This would make a fabulous cheekbones highlighter for asian and olive skin tones."

Below is a swatch of both colours, with 'Melt' nearest the top and 'Abandon' underneath - not the clearest of images, but shimmers are pretty difficult to catch right!

Here is Jonathan demonstrating the lustrous qualities of Vitamin E infused Lipstick in 'Abandon':

If you have a question for the team, email it to askanartist@illamasqua.com. Whether it be brand related, product related or just a general make-up query, we are here to help!

Here is a 4-colour Lip Palette with Abandon on the bottom right - special thanks to Row at cosmetic-candy.com for the image!


  1. The swatches are a tad misleading but still better than any of the other make-up websites!

  2. Some of the swatches on the website are a bit off, glad you are having a look at them. To be fair, I don't imagine anyone expected the mail order to take off in quite the way it did!

    I have pics of some of the e/s on my blog, Londonmakeupgirl.blogspot.com.

    I'm a 135 in your foundation, about a 20 depth in MAC - but NC is too yellow, NW too peach. Illamasqua 135 is a just right neutral! ;)

  3. hiya could u ask an artist if there are any trick to perfecting the perfect eyebrow with the eyebrow cake, i think i always falter with it and would like some advice

  4. hiya just for ask the artist i was wondering, how can i create the perfect eyebrow? i can do my eyebrows with the eyebrow cake but how do i create the best of the brow?
    thanks :)


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