17 June 2009

Lush Lashes

Katie, our wonderful Product Development Manager, is looking at False Lash samples for future collections today. We have had some great prototypes sent through, with some fabulous vivid colours, unique patterns and interesting, edgy shapes. [Below is a picture of her rocking False Lash no 13!]

Our False Lashes have been especially popular with our customers and so we are definitely going to keep developing some knock out lashes to keep you partying through the night! There is nothing like a sultry pair of lashes to give your make-up that ultra-glam final touch, or if you [like me!] frequently go from work to bar, then adding a pair of lashes will take your look effortlessly from day to night.

We road test all our lashes, so I will be putting my favourite prototype pair through a real test tomorrow - I am off to Royal Ascot so they will be applied at about 10am before we leave and will be expected to last until I take them off about 14 hours later! Hopefully it won't rain, but I'm sure Katie is half hoping it will because if they last through rain, they'll last through anything!

It's also a good test in terms of comfort; one of my pet hates is having to take off lashes half way through the night because they are itchy/ heavy/ getting in the way of my vision!

Our Summer collection - Sirens - had their own False Lashes [no 20] which you can see in action below. . .

My flat mate, Michelle [pic below] is obsessed by False Lash no 11 - I think she has gotten through about four pairs now!

See below for some pictures of our lashes in action, and who better to model them than the Trannies we made over for the Selfridges Centenary celebrations last month?!

What is your favourite lash? I love False Lash no 13, 14 and 17 are my favourites and I also loved the Victor and Rolf range for Shu Uemura!

For a video on how to apply lashes, check out this link. It features our wonderful Selfridges London artist Daniel. If you have ever had problems applying lashes, this is the definitive guide!

PS - Lush Lashes is the name of a horse running at Royal Ascot tomorrow, so I thought it tied in well with the subject!


  1. I loove no 13! I got one online and one in store.. it seems 13 is my lucky number! I like the look of 11 and 20.. those are next on my list!

    Your roomate looks so pretty all bronzed up!!

  2. I have a thing about false eye lashes. I usually wear half lashes to add some extra volume and a lift at the outer corner of my eye. I fell in love with Sirens No. 20 lashes. I haven't got a pair of them but I saw them in several looks and always thought they were stunning and original.

  3. Love your website, YT vids and now the blog. So, when are you planning to spread to the states?! We like, need you over here...today!

  4. Really love those lashes!

  5. Number 13 are the ultimate most gorgeous fluttery feminine lashes... I LOVE them x


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