22 June 2009

Product of the Week: Daemon Powder Eye Shadow

The wearable red eye shadow...

Red eye shadow was once considered a complete no-go area for everyone but the bravest make-up artists, however if applied in a balanced way, it can look very flattering and is certainly attention grabbing! Krystle Clayton, one of our artists from the Selfridges Trafford counter tells me more:

“Red eye shadow can be used a block colour, but looks best when softened with other colours – it looks great when mixed with browns such as Powder Eye Shadow in 'Jules' or 'Faith' to create a rusty, smoky eye look.

In the past, I have found it very hard to find a true red eye shadow, but Illamasqua have hit the jackpot! 'Daemon' has great, intense colour that is very buildable – lightly press an Eye Shadow Brush into the powder for a light wash of colour and build from there or mix with Sealing Gel and use an Eye Liner Brush to create body art or a dramatic liquid line on the eyes.”

“You can see here that I have used the product not only on my eyes but down the cheekbones, too. It makes a fabulous blush!”
To read Krystle's full bio, click here. To book a make-up lesson with Krystle please call 0161 629 1187.


  1. It has been next to impossible to find a good true red eye shadow in the department store lines. Daemon is a fantastic colour, and I love this total look. To me it's a modern and feisty take on traditional Japanese makeup.

  2. i really love the look of it as a blush. sooo going to try that out.

  3. I love Krystle's blog! full of inspiration and gives a really good indication of the shades too!

  4. I absolutely love this - worth a 300 mile round trip just to have a makeuop lesson with Krystle!

  5. since i've lived in Japan for a school year i want to have a proper red eyeshadow..not that i have to order from there.. and this is just the perfect one.. I'm using it on my "nude" days with the sealing gel as an eyeliner-at work.. It made my greenish eyes pop, and i get soo many complimets whenever i use it.. it is my workday signature look.. something little different. On the nights out amazingly combines with some dark sparkle and asphalt coloured eyeshadow.. white highlight is a must:)))


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