11 June 2009

Welcome To The Illamasqua Blog Page!

Hello and thanks for checking out the Illamasqua blog! This blog aims to bring you not only the latest news, events, gossip and development from the world of Illamasqua, but also endeavours to give you a glimpse into the hectic and fun world of cosmetics – introduce you to the team, see who does what and show you how a beauty company works.

Illamasqua is a privately owned company, based in London [where else?!] and have only been retailing since November 2008.

Celebrated make-up artist Alex Box is our Artistic Director and artist Anja Huwe former frontwoman of German goth band X Mal Deutschland and David Vanian, lead singer of the legendary Damned both had a big input into the creative development of Illamasqua.

There are normally nine of us in the main Head Office [I say normally as we are always constantly on the move and I think the last time we were all in the same office at the same time was about a month ago now!] and they are:

Julian – Chairman and founder...

Kate – Marketing and Product Director...

Carl – Managing Director
Katie – Product Development Manager
Crispian – Customer Service Executive
Maurice – HR Manager

Jonathan – Retail Operations Manager
Lucy – Intern

And me – Alex – Marketing Assistant. I will be writing most of these blogs so if you want to get in contact with me, just leave a comment on the post and I will be sure to read it.

For more information on our in-store artists, visit www.illamasqua.com and follow the About Us link to find details of our Manchester and London artists. Details on artists at the newer counters will be uploaded soon.

For a more thorough background of who we are and what we represent, check out the website at www.illamasqua.com - there are also some beautiful images on there and to quote Napoleon Bonaparte [why not, eh] A picture tells a thousand words…


  1. yay! already added to my favorites. I'll be checking in often! ♥

  2. Congratulations on new blog. Wish you guys best of luck as your products are fantastic!!

  3. Hey girl! Welcome to blog land! xxx

  4. Happy to see this! I'll definitely be watching. :)

  5. Welcome to blogs-ville


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