14 June 2009

Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua Competition

Here at Illamasqua we love to explore our alter egos - our counter staff are always coming up with inventive looks and at the weekends the Head Office staff let our imaginations run wild! We are calling on YOU to enter the Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua competition that encourages you to explore your alter ego and send us in snaps to win some fabulous Illamasqua goodies!

The theme for this competition is: Myths and Legends. I'll let Mizzworthy explain the details ... [taken from www.mizzworthy.blogspot.com]

"For the first contest in the series, we want you to come up with a look inspired by, yep you guessed it a myth/legend... So this is your chance to reveal your inner Aphrodite, greek god/goddess, mythological creature, daemon, Faerie, Pixie, Elf or any other creature or character from legends or mythology... I'll be making regular inspirational posts to help inspire you!

We are looking for original and creative looks and most of all, we want you to have lots of fun creating your looks!

So... the Rules?

1. Your entry can be in the form of either a blog post or a video [videos don't need to be a tutorial, but we'd like you to explain in the video which Myth or Legend inspired you and how it led you to create the look you came up with as well as the products used.] If you do chose a video entry, please email some still to Jennifer for judging purposes - jennifer.worthington1979@gmail.com.

2. In your post/ video, please tell us about the Myth or Legend you were inspired by and how it led to the look you have created. Also, because we are nosey and obsessed with make-up, tell us about the make-up/ products you used to create the look! Don't forget to email me stills if you decide to do a video entry.

3. When you have completed your entry, please post a response below to let us know, complete with a link to the entry.

4. You do not have to use Illamasqua products for the entry - we appreciate that you may not have a counter near you and this is about creating a look with any resource you may have!

5. Enter as many times as you like - they will be classified as seperate entries but there are no limits to the number of times you enter!

6. You can either create the look on yourself or a willing volunteer.

7. The contest is open internationally and we will ship products out to you wherever you are.

8. Please make sure you are a subscriber to Mizzworthy's blog to enter!

9. The contest closes at Midnight on Sunday 7th July GMT.

10. Krystal [an Illamasqua make-up artist at Selfridges] and Mizzworthy will narrow down the entries to the shortlist and the final winners will be picked out by Alex Box, Artistic Director of Illamasqua. The judging process willt ake approximately one week and the winners will be posted on Mizzworthy's blogspot and the Illamasqua blog and website.

See below for the last winner - Liberty Von Hodes from Newcastle! This fantastic peacock feather meets Indian Henna look rocked the vote and Mizzworthy and Krystal [one of our artists in Manchester] deemed her the winner.

The Prizes

First Prize

1 x Liquid Metal in either Enrapture or Solstice

1 x Bronzer in either Glint/ Burnish or Glint/ Writhe

1 x Nail Varnish from the Illamasqua collection

1 x Sirens Powder Eye Shadow Quad

1 x Special Gift... to be announced at a later stage!

Second Prize

1 x Liquid Metal in either Enrapture or Solstice

1 x Nail Varnish from the Illamasqua collection

1 x Sirens Powder Eye Shadow Quad

Remember - we are looking for originality and creativity and is not based on artistic skill alone.

My alter ego this weekend was inspired by the Beyonce - Kitty Kat video. I absolutely loved the head-to-toe leopard print idea and Beyonce rocked it, check out the video here and see my version below!


  1. Hey hey! Thanks for the mention! xxx

  2. Perfect!! Another reason for me to avoid studying!

    Im already researching mine!

  3. Alex, you look absolutely stunning! You are rocking the kitty cat look. ;)

  4. I can't wait, I've planned out exactly what its going to look like in my head and now i've gotta put it on my face! hehe.

    Alex you're so pretty!

  5. what a great contest. good thing i have holidays :) ill start my research right now :)

  6. where can i post it? im confused

  7. what a lush pic of u love! x

  8. @ Everyone - thanks for the support- glad you are liking the new blog!
    @ Jackie - please follow the competition links on Mizzworthys blog - www.mizzworthy.blogspot.com

  9. im looking so forward to this :D
    enter'd my post i cant wait!!

  10. I just did my first entry.. but ive seen a few others so i have to do another one and try be more creative!! Competition is tough!!


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