12 June 2009

Ask An Artist

This series will strive to answer any questions that we receive from our Facebook fanclub, Myspace, Youtube channel or here on our blog! We will then ask one of our talented professional artists to answer them personally in this weekly series. Feel free to email askanartist@illamasqua.com and put forward any query you might have, be it about the brand, general make-up tips or related to a specific product and we will do our best to give you a great answer!

To kick off this series, I have taken a question from Youtube channel and put it forward to Aga, one of our Selfridges Oxford Street based artists. Aga has provided looks for such prestigious designers such as Alexander McQueen. To read her full biography click here.

This weeks question, taken from our Youtube channel, is:

What is Sealing Gel and how do I use it?

Aga: “Sealing Gel is basically a make-up fixer. If you love a particular Powder Eye Shadow but don’t have an eye liner in that colour then mix a drop of Sealing Gel into the corner of the eye product and it will create a thick, strong paste which can be applied directly to eyes using a thin brush [try Eye Liner Brush]. The Sealing Gel will guarantee that this colour will stay true until you want to take it off. I also suggest mixing it with Pure Pigment to get a sparking liner. It’s an invaluable product to have in your make-up case.”

To book a make-up lesson with Aga, call 0207 318 3788.

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  1. The sealing gel really is a godsend! I use it all the time and it is fabulous! Great product!!


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