22 June 2009

Ask An Artist

Daniel is one of our Selfridges Oxford Street artists and is also an integral member of our Illamasqua Training Team - few people know and love the brand more than Daniel!

Daniel was born in Malta and begun his make-up career in Maltese theatre before expanding into the fashion world. To read his full biography click here.

I thought Daniel would be the perfect person to get an answer for the following question, submitted by Rachel on Myspace:

What is the best nude toned lipgloss that Illamasqua offers?

Daniel: “You would think buying a nude lip gloss would be very simple, however there are a great variety on the market. We have a texture and a finish to suit everyone – for warm undertones, Sheer Lipgloss in 'Enchant' is gorgeous, for olive skins try Sheer Lipgloss in 'Provoke'.

If you are looking for a 1960’s lip, look no further than Intense Lipgloss in 'Lucid' if you are cooler toned. Warmer tones will love 'Embroil'. These colours will both tone down all your natural lip colour as they are so pigmented.”

Above I have swatched the colours that Daniel has referred to: From L-R, 'Enchant' and 'Provoke' Sheer lipglosses and 'Lucid' Intense Lipgloss.

Below Lynne [www.youtube.com/lynniiieee] has swatched Embroil...
To book a make-up lesson with Daniel, please call 0207 318 3788

To read a review of a make-up lesson by Daniel follow this link.


  1. He picked out some amazing shades for me. I went in planning to get one shadow and came out with 4 other things he picked for me! Hes great..deff knows his stuff!

  2. Lucid = SOLD! :) I have really pigmented lips and long for a good nude gloss. I have Move Intense Lipgloss and it is one of if not the best lipglosses I have ever owned, matched over Illamasqua lipstick is last for AGES! and it so pigmented.
    Darn it I feel another counter visit coming on!


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