01 June 2010

Southampton Solent University Graduate Fashion Show

Rosa - PR Manager - and Spob - Head of Professional Development - made their way to Southampton Solent University for the annual Graduate Fashion Show ... see the collections and the prize giving in the video below...


  1. Im trying to find all the undergraduate shows around my area. You see some pretty high quality things! cool blog :)


  2. Here’s How to Resize Youtube Videos to Fit Your Blog Layout

    October 20, 2006 | In: General, How-To's, Internet

    The amount of times I’ve seen this done can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but it’s easy to resize Youtube videos, Google videos, Revver videos, etc. to fit your blogs layout. Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial:

    1. Grab the embeddable flash player code for your desired video and look for all instances of width=”425″ height=”350″ within that code.

    2. Change the height and width attributes while preserving the H/W Ratio so the video doesn’t become distorted. Since I’m mathematically lazy challenged, I simply used a photo editing program to make a 425 wide by 350 high blank image, then used it’s resizing tool to make the width the same as my blog’s content column.

    3. This blogs content column is 520px wide, so I changed the width and height attributes of the embedded players code to reflect the new height and width.

    4. Then I published it and the video magically shows up filling out the entire width of the column with no big white space area on one side.

    You can also do this to shrink the video players down so they fit into side columns of blogs and sites using the same principal. In fact, in a super secret project I’m currently working on, I’ve set up a sideblog in a 250px wide right column with several shrunken video players embedded and it looks awesome.

    I see major sites, like news sites, huge gadget and tech blogs, etc. that frequently post videos that look like they’re just sitting “out there” alone in a vast sea of “Duh, I don’t know what to do with this code except for cutting it and pasting” and it looks really odd in my opinion.

    Lets hope these guys go the extra mile and do the math, or use a resizing tool to make their blogs look a bit better, and more professional.


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