18 June 2010

Countdown Until Australia Launch...

We have been so busy with collection shoots, events in and out of London that we haven't posted anything on the progress of the Myer Sydney launch...

Well, it's still underway and doesn't time fly... our counter will launch to the delight of the Sydney night-time scene, press, beauty eds, bloggers and general beauty fanatics!

With a stellar team now set up in Sydney, they are really looking forward to meeting all you Australians who have yet to explore and reveal the other, darker you. I will be running interviews with the new team to showcase them to the blogosphere - these are the creme de la creme of make-up artists in Sydney and we are so excited to have them at Illamasqua! They have spent the past month in intense training for their new roles and have learnt all about the heritage, beliefs and artistry of Illamasqua.

There has been a fantastic buzz about the brand and the likes of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue have been knocking our doors down to get interviews with Alex Box ahead of her visit in August.

We are also preparing a HUGE fashion show ... but more on that later.


  1. I cannot wait for this!! Such a great addition to the Aussie market

  2. So excited, it's going to be amazing!!!

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  4. Can't wait until you make it to Melbourne!
    I am gunning to work with you guys!
    *fingers crossed*


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