22 June 2010

Artist Profile: Mikele Simone, Counter Manager Myer, Sydney

I spent part of yesterday looking at the portfolios of the five make-up artists who are launching Illamasqua's first Australian counter in Myer Sydney this Friday 25th June and they are truly, truly phenomenal. Trudi Kynaston, International Brand Director in Australia, is as excited as I am, so I asked her to grab an interview with our new Counter Manager, Mikele Simone...

Who/ what inspired you to go into make-up?

My Mum was a runway and magazine model in Italy; I still have copies of the Vogue Italia she appeared in. I used to sit watching her at her dressing table as a child and I always wanted to play with the make-up and dress up myself!

Did you know back then that you would be a make-up artist?

No, I went down an academic route because that was what was expected of me. I spent 6 months at Veterinary college before I found the courage to tell my family I really wanted to go into fashion. I studied fashion design and worked as a couture designer for two years - I spent endless hours stitching sequins on to exquisite ball gowns. While I was doing that I learned all about make-up from the professionals around me and became fascinated with creating looks. I love the transcience of it as an art.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

I've done so much in such a short space of time - once I found my vocation in make-up opportunities kept flowing my way and I am very proud of my photographic portfolio. Something that I am truly proud of is when I worked in Myer in Perth - a very conservative part of Australia when it comes to self-expression. I used to go to work with full avant-garde make-up every day - it raised a few eyebrows!

How do you think Australia will take to Illamasqua?

They will love it! I have been following Illamasqua online ever since the brand launched and I could barely breathe when I heard it was coming to Sydney. I know there are many, many make-up lovers in this country who are ready for a brand that dares to be different. What I love about Illamasqua is that we don't just sell make-up - we are professional make-up artists who inspire our customers and give them lessons in how to create the looks they want. A little bit of know-how really gives you confidence.

To book a lesson with Mikele, call the Illamasqua counter in Myer Sydney on 1800 66 12 10


  1. are you coming to Perth? would love to be part of your team!

  2. Mikele is AMAZING!
    He's going to be incredible with Illamasqua.

  3. Aw, he seems so sweet and crazy talented to boot. The Illamasqua artists are, for me, the deciding factor compared to MAC. I've never had a bad experience with them, they've always been knowledgeable and cheery, which seems almost out of place next to the crazy makeup. Ten thumbs up for the lovely girls at the Newcastle Fenwick counter!

  4. He is amazing. It is rare to see an male make-up artist. He is really good on his field.


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